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The Cheapest Way To Fly Singapore Suites With Miles Or Cash

Updated: May 7


Everybody, or at least most of us, wants an opportunity to try one of the best First Class products in the sky, Singapore Suites. After reviewing my flight in Singapore Suites from Singapore to Delhi on the A380 and the Private Room in Changi, I thought it might be a good idea to share the cheapest way to fly this product. Not only with miles but with cash as well.

Singapore A380 Suites

Let's get into it!

With Cash

Before we even begin to get into the miles section, as that can prove to be a little more complicated, I wanted to touch on cash fares. We often see Singapore Suites have better prices on connecting itineraries, especially ones starting in Europe. Last month, there was a roundtrip offer from Europe-Singapore return in suites for under 4000$. However, flash deals aside, the cheapest way to book this wonderful product is starting in Kuala Lumpur.

Not bad considering what you get

This isn't a bad deal; perhaps spending the night at the YOTEL in Changi before heading to the private room is on the table as well! The second cheapest comes in at Jakarta at around 2800$!

But What If I Want To Fly Longer With Caviar Service?

No need to worry; I have got you covered. The current cheapest one-way fare originates in Oslo and ends up with you in Singapore Suites for 12.5 hours from Frankfurt to Singapore. This would grant you access to the incredible facilities at Frankfurt airport as well as dinner in The Private Room when you land!

12 Hour in Suites!!

The return leg seems to price quite a bit higher, and the worst is if you fly direct from Frankfurt to Singapore😂. 3262 is about 1200$ higher than Business Class on this route; take that for what it's worth.

With Miles

For some of us, cash might be the best way to book. However, for others, there are better ways to spend 3000$, I agree.

Singapore Airlines has shuffled around its A380 network and continues to do so by dropping Hong Kong.

The cheapest way with miles (and the most available) is the route from Singapore to New Delhi in Singapore Suites. SQ406.

A great deal

For 58,500 Miles and about 35$ in taxes, you can experience the whole SQ experience of Suites minus the caviar...

Or if you are like me, you might choose to add on an extra flight from Jakarta for free!! Only this is in the 777-300 First Class. Still a very comfortable ride!

A free First Class flight

The reason I say Delhi or Mumbai over the other destinations, such as Shanghai, is due to the amount of saver space SQ seems to open on these routes compared to others. It's quite difficult to find saver space in Suites unless you do your homework and keep checking. Keep an eye out with Jakarta (777) and Delhi in the months leading up, as a seat seems to get released frequently!

Krug Singapore Airlines

If you are interested in the full experience including Caviar, the cheapest option would be heading to Sydney or Melbourne.

The 777 but price is as an example

There seems to be a seat per week on the 777 daytime frequency, which makes sense as business travelers are less likely to waste a whole day flying. However, at times, there can be some saver space for 93,500 points from Sydney to Singapore. You just have to be patient!

Final Thoughts

Flying Singapore First Class/Suites is a dream for many around the world. If using cash, your best bet is to originate in Kuala Lumpur/Sydney/Jakarta, and if using points, the cheapest and most available option is to Delhi. The best part is you can transfer your Amex or Chase Points over to Singapore Airlines Krisflyer at a 1 to 1 ratio! Yay! Hope this helped, and let me know if you have been able to lock in something!



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