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  • Konrad Tillman

Current Last-Minute Mileage+ Deals

I look at deals for fun, it's a toxic trait of mine and certain girlfriends have labeled it a "red flag". 😂

However, this morning, I was interested in flying over to Singapore, sadly I can't because I already have a trip next week, and came across a couple of decent finds.

Deal 1: Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa First Class has a couple of dates open (last minute) to Singapore. That's a 12-hour+ flight in the nose of the 747-8 in First Class! There is availability out of IAD on LH F, but it's currently not piecing together as one itinerary that it used to. However, this would allow you some time in Polaris and 9 hours at the LH first terminal of Frankfurt!

I love Lufthansa First Class, I flew it last year between IAD and Munich and had a splendid flight!

Unreal really

If you can find a way to piece it together... you should be able to book the IAD-Frankfurt-Singapore all for 154K miles in F.

Deal 2: Wide Open Space to Singapore

This is surprising, but I am seeing a couple of dates with wide open saver space to Singapore on Polaris!

This is one of the flagship United routes and saving space can be a challenge to come by. If you are interested in booking this you might have some luck with ANA but return dates are a little harder to come by.

If you are interested in reading my thoughts about Polaris, I love it!

Deal 3: 95K Miles Roundtrip Polaris to Seoul

United has dumped space to Seoul for this month after adding a second flight. Excuse me but 95,000 miles roundtrip for a flight to Asia in Business Class is incredible!!!


What's the catch? It has to be booked through ANA, and those can only be obtained through AMEX. The other catch is the 600$ surcharge+ cannot be booked under 72 hours before departure.

95K Miles is a bargain, and I see 1/3 of April open for this deal! Act Quickly!



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