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  • Konrad Tillman

Review: Singapore First Class Suites From Singapore To Delhi On The A380


The epitome of aviation, my personal dream, welcome to the review of the double bed in the sky!!! Grab a drink, and chef up the popcorn, this is going to be a fun one.

Christmas Day onboard Singapore Suites, what more can I ask for? This flight set the bar to be my best flight to date, featuring a suite that turned out to be bigger than my hotel in Changi Airport ( With festivities, fantastic champagne, an incredible cabin crew, and a queen-sized bed, this was paradise! Here is a sneak peek🤭.

Route- Singapore- New Delhi

Seat- Suite 1A & 2A

Flight Number- SQ406

Date- December 25th 2023

Flight Time: 5 Hours & 26 Minutes

Price Paid- 58.5K Miles+34$

How I Booked This Ticket

As mentioned in my previous post regarding the First Class review on the 777-300 (, I booked an itinerary including two legs, both in First Class for a total of 58.5K points and 34$. The first leg consisted of, Jakarta to Singapore, while the second leg was 6 hours in Suites to Delhi from Singapore. Yes, you heard that right, over 8 hours in Singapore First Class for 58K points, including 8 hours in the private room!


Mile for value, this is the best redemption for Singapore First Class. While you could just book the Singapore- Delhi leg for the same price, you would miss out on the 777-300 which is a fantastic product! To put this in perspective, you could transfer your points to United and pay more miles for a 6.5-hour flight on Polaris to London...


After a long stay in the Private Room in Singapore (, I left around 3:30 for a scheduled boarding time of 3:45. Our flight today departed from Gate A4 which isn't too far away. When I arrived in the complex, I had to go through security 😒 like every passenger departing Changi. There was no line and I was through to the gate area.


5 minutes after arriving they called for Suites passengers (I definitely wasn't waiting around like a kid waiting for the clock to strike midnight on Christmas🤥). They scanned my boarding pass and up the jetbridge I went, optimizing my time in Suites.

Once I arrived at the top of the jetbridge, I was greeted by this lovely FA and the lead pursuer for the flight. The lady FA escorted me to my suite for today 1A and offered to show me around.

The aisle between the two sides of suites

First thought after seeing this in person, WOW! This is a hotel room in the sky!

Getting comfortable

I was shown around the seat (more on that later) which took a few minutes since there was so much! and then offered a pre-departure beverage! Naturally, I had no other choice but to go with Rose Krug (for review's sake of course). This was brought out a couple of minutes later by a male FA and served at my seat.

Oh yes yes yes yes

Which was then placed on the side table, next to a boatload of amenities.


I stored my bags away in the closet provided since there were no overhead bins and settled into my seat.

A little bit of a tight squeeze

The lead pursuer came around and offered to show me the toilets (more on that later), I was a little bit tipsy and in a conversational mood 😅 so the energy was matched by the FA's.

I changed back into my Christmas PJs and soon enough, we were ready for departure.


We pushed back about 5 minutes behind schedule, probably due to this route being padded quite a bit. We had a long taxi to 02C that afternoon.

Rain rain go away

It was raining as well...

Thank camera for focusing on the raindrops

We proceeded onward passing by some vacant gates.

No see through jetbridge here!

Time to go!

Completely sober 😆

At 4:59 pm local time, we were wheels up bound for New Delhi. Gosh, I love how long the takeoff roll is in the A380, even though we were light.

The Suite

For this section, I am just going to cover the suite and not the double bed, later on, I will touch on the double bed since it deserves its own section.

Suites on the A380 are arranged in a 1-1 configuration with each suite having a chair and a pullout bed.

The suite measures in at 54 sqft

The chair rotates to face the wall for takeoff and landing, while also rotating 90 degrees to face the television. Well, technically there are two televisions in Suite 1A.

The baby TV

The mini TV.

I see why it's needed but I also don't understand why you can't be sideways for takeoff

A full view of the seat. Extremely comfortable for the hour and a half I spent in it. I didn't find it too narrow or too firm.

Safety card not in the way 🥰

As I mentioned, there is the main TV, I rotated my seat after takeoff to watch the moving map!

A little bit of privacy😒

When in the takeoff position the charging outlets and seat controls are to the left of you, as well as a champagne drink holder (specifically for champagne, joking). I love how you can control the windows through the panel.

Window controls as well

Following that, some storage area which was small, but perfect for items such as a phone or passport. I liked that a vanity mirror appeared when it was opened.

I also found a mini remote that featured time to destination (can we make it a little longer please captain).

The remote is on the left

There were also more seat controls! I'm not complaining but one isn't enough😅? As well as another remote?

To the left of the suite lay a small table to place belongings, probably not a good idea for takeoff as they would fall off. YAY!

Tray table comes out from there

And of course, there is a closing door. While not quite as private as Emirates, when I was in bed I didn't see or hear anyone.

They closed it for me during boarding which was a nice touch

Honestly, there is so much to this seat, but let's keep going! Next up came this weird platform, which I imagine is posterize the bed up or something.

A bit peculiar

For those who are wondering where your legs go when you are not in bed. You can place them up on the pullout bed.

If need be

Of course there is the pullout bed which is attached to the side of the Suite.

Looks so basic, wait until later

While we will get into dining later, the tray table pops out from the side table.

And of course, when you enter your suite, there is a private closet for your belongings.

I believe that pretty much covers the seat. Overall, a flawlessly designed Suite. I don't see a way they could have made it better! Credit where credit is due Singapore 🥰 (including taking my credit😅).


Upon arriving at my seat it was Christmas (literally and metaphorically speaking). Firstly, I found a stack of black amenities on my seat consisting of an amenity kit, pajamas (no idea how they knew my size), and slippers.

Still confused how they knew my size

I moved all of the gifts over to the side table during departure. Surprisingly, I didn't wear the pajamas on the flight as I had my Christmas ones on. However, as I write this review, I have them on 😅.

Christmas Time

There was also a set of B&O headphones which I didn't use on this flight. I do know that they are some of the best quality in the sky. I just bought Airpod Max's K, and I was excited.

The life vest is in the coolest place I've seen on a plane

Other than that, there was an amenity kit with Lalique products which I didn't open until I got to Bhutan (I gave it to my mum). However, other amenities such as toothbrushes were provided in the bathroom when you needed them. I like this concept a lot more than a commercialized bag you get, just my opinion though.

The IFE was up to date with plenty to offer. It was large, modern, had a ton of selection, and responsive to the second. Probably the best IFE system I have come across in my 22 years of flying (haven't tried new ANA first).

My Paradise

The map was high-definition as well, I spent most of the flight just watching the map. Don't worry about glare as after takeoff, you can lower the shades.

Only thing would be it's a little high up from eye view, can be adjusted though

Wifi was also free for this flight. Surprisingly, I did take advantage of this.

Very nice

To be frank, I spent most of the time taking photos and engaging in some activities throughout the plane on this journey. This meant I didn't indulge in the IFE experience too much.


Dinner service was a feast onboard today, there are no two ways about it. While I had reserved the Lobster Thermidor through book the cook a few weeks prior, the appetizer is what impressed me. First, let's take a look at the menu.

I feel welcomed!

All 22 Pages of it.

Some pretty good options

The dinner menu read.

I should learn to be more adventurous

Just beginning 😒

But that Iberico Ham looks so good

Some great options, let's move on to the champagne.

Krug Krug glorious Krug Dumbledor

Three quality champagnes, I tested all of them on this flight, just to make sure they were as good as I remember 😂. Fun fact my favorite champagne is Ruinart Blanc de Blancs.

But this is a solid selection

It keeps going, the wine list!

The Chateau is catching my interest

The cocktail list features the infamous, Singapore Sling.

No mixing Konrad

Some non-alcoholic options which I probably should have enjoyed instead 😂.

A coke sound more sensible

The coffee list was extensive, although, after about 8 already that day, I had to pass.

I should but I also shouldn't

Lastly, the tea menu. If you enjoy tea as much as me, this is a great addition to the menu.

There is either the tea side to me or the champagne. Guess which one I chose

Oh almost forgot page 2 of the tea menu. 😂

As if 1 page wasn't enough

Service began with a hot towel about 30 minutes after takeoff.

Hot towels were offered throughout the flight consistently

Where my tray table was then pulled out. The table was set beautifully as if I was at a Michelin-star restaurant. My first course consisted of a Blanc Des Millenaires as weirdly they only stocked a single 375ml Rose Krug for the flight.

Ready to wine and dine this queen size bed later. I'm by myself don't get the wrong idea 😅

Sparkling water was presented as per my request.

About 50 minutes after takeoff my appetizer was brought out. I chose to go with Iberico Ham as it is one of my favorite foods in the world. Give me a pound and 5 minutes later you will wonder where it went. I opted for some warm and succulent garlic bread as well.

Everything is perfect

The Iberico Ham was nothing short of marvelous, while I had to get seconds of the Garlic Bread as it was that good!

After that was cleared, the FA recommended the Chateau Leoville Poyferre St. Julien 2006. If you insist! A fantastic read, I highly recommend it if you haven't had it before. Just like the champagne, this was poured at my seat as well.

Great pairing

My lobster thermidor came out shortly after I was finished with the appetizer. I can't remember if I've had it before. Needless to say, it lived up to the hype, simply delicious.

Over the top sensational

Okay, I was stuffed, that had to be it right? Nope! The lovely FA from before, I believe her last name is Li (I forget her name), offered me dessert. Seeing as it was Christmas, I had no other choice but to try and get a little bit down. Anyway, she showed up with two desserts just for me! I managed a few bites and it was good but honestly, I couldn't bear to think about more food 😂.

After eating in the private room, now this!

Overall, the dinner service was immaculate from start to finish. The food was incredible for every course and I can't wait to fly Suites again soon to eat like a king.

The Bed

Now we get to the best part and what most of you have all been waiting for the double bed.

Following the meal service, I was informed the child in 2A would not be using his seat (the wife and husband were in 1F and 2F). So this meant they would make up both beds just for me!

It took about 10 minutes, but oh my was it worth the wait.

There is no way I am on a plane

A little teddy bear, aka the chef, was placed alongside the bed 🥰. Can we take a minute to admire just how much attention to detail was put into making up this bed? There were Christmas stickers on the lights, and Christmas lights on the bed!

Magically, a second bottle appeared. I think the F15's airdropped it in😅.

Seeing as this might have been the most gorgeous setting I have experienced on an airplane, a photoshoot was in order.

Ticket to Paradise

Me and the lead pursuer on the flight. Why not, life is too short.

He was the epitome of fun

Okay, so you probably want to know if it is comfortable. I had heard reports that the bed was on the firm side, and while I didn't sleep, I found the bed to be comfy for lounging. To have a queen-sized bed, 4 pillows, and a full duvet on a plane, I couldn't ask for more.

For most of the flight, I relaxed in bed, watching the moving map, or looking out the window at the sunset.

With an untrustworthy glass of champagne always next to me. What's Jack Sparrow's quote? A dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest, it's the honest ones you have to watch out for.

I digress, the duvet was as comfortable as I've ever had on the flight.

Two screens

In-Flight Fun

With all the champagne I had to get the steps in for today. This meant taking a long walk around the A380 where it seemed that every FA knew my name. When I headed to check out the business class cabin an FA came up to me and said, "Mr Tillman, is everything alright"? Business was only 52 passengers full this evening.

I heard a double bed can be made here as well

Once I was on my way back (being escorted by 3 FAs), I found the staircase. They offered to take a video (it won't let me post videos on here) of me walking up the stairs. While we will talk about service at another point, it just shows how amazing SQ FA's are.

I arrived back at my seat, but not for long since I had another photoshoot (I'm an ambassador for a brand). The FA had prepared a special photoshoot for Christmas just for me.

When I say just for me, I mean it

The same, lovely FA, airdropped me a picture of here and some of the other crew members.

Talk about an incredible photo

I proceeded to change back into my pajamas for the hour and a half remaining.

The Bathroom

It seemed like a long time ago, but remember I spoke about the extravagant bathroom? Once I boarded, the pursuer escorted me to the bathroom as he seemed thrilled to show it to me. Goodness me, it's huge.

My word

Breaks my heart to say, but this is bigger than some people's homes I know.

Could do a Pilates class in here

There was also a vanity area to do makeup off to the side. Of course, another sink because why have 1 when you can have 2?

Lalique amenities as well

A flush button and an assistance button if needed.

Even the toilet paper is folded

Yes anti-bacterial soap as well.

I wish there was a way to make trashcans more pretty

Tissues, just in the very odd case your makeup makes you sneeze.

Need to take a design element from SQ for my home

And finally a toilet. This was about the only standard aspect of the whole washroom😅.

To conclude the bathroom review, it is spectacular. I would go as far as to say, this. is the nicest bathroom I have experienced on a flight. It is spacious and flawlessly designed. Perfect as well if you are landing in London and have a day of meetings.

Overall Service

The service on today's flight was the best I might have ever experienced in my life. I'm not talking about just flights, I am talking about hotels as well including many Amans, Four Seasons, Awasi's, etc. I'll list a few instances that stood out to me.

  1. They set up a special photoshoot with all of the lighting for me.

  2. The bed they made up, I have never seen the attention to detail so thorough. For the other people, the bed didn't have lights around it.

  3. They were able to find me an extra teddy bear as well as a second bottle of Krug 😜

  4. It was perfect service, while I felt in my own shell, they somehow knew when I needed something.

  5. Every FA onboard somehow knew my last name, which goes to show the level of service.

  6. Champagne was poured at the suite and food was brought out at the perfect pace

  7. Huge shoutout to the lovely FA and the pursuer, truly above and beyond service. I wish there was a way to fly with them again.

For a flight that was 5 hours and 8 minutes (wheels up to wheels down), I was blown away by how incredible the staff were. Thank you all of you ❤️, and especially on Christmas ❤️.


After a very long day of barely any sleep and quite a lot of champagne, this part was a little hazy 😂. At about 7:10 pm local time, the captain came on to announce our descent into New Delhi. As much as I didn't want to, I had to pack up and change.

A couple of go around would be nice captain!

The staff were somehow able to put the bed back to normal in no time at all and soon enough we were on final descent.

We touched down ahead of schedule at 19:45 and had a 10-minute taxi that put us at the gate 5 minutes ahead of schedule.

I bid my fellow FAs farewell and was on my way to customs. This process was extremely straightforward as I had my visa in hand, so I was through in no time.


This would conclude an incredible 6 hours from Singapore to Delhi. Next stop, Roseate House!

Final Thoughts

Christmas Day was made magical thanks to Singapore Airlines. From start to finish the service that was offered was the best I had ever experienced in the service industry. For the amount that I paid, I am already looking at taking this flight again. The bed is one of a kind, especially if someone isn't in 2A or 2F, making it a double bed in the sky! The food was some of the best I have experienced on any flight and the champagne offerings only fall short of JAL F (I do love Cristal). Adding onto the photoshoot opportunities, I want to say thank you Singapore Airlines for making this Christmas Day as special as it was❤️.


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