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  • Konrad Tillman

Review: Private Room; First Class Lounge Singapore Airlines, Singapore Changi Airport

Updated: Apr 2

Following an unbelievable flight in Singapore First Class from Jakarta to Singapore (, I had to try and find my way to the Private Room lounge. The Private Room is Singapore Airlines' most exclusive lounge for passengers only flying on First Class. There is no other way to get in unless you hold a same-day ticket (can be arrival).


This was my first time in Terminal 3 of Changi for a long time. I also have the brain of a frying pan at times which meant I thought the Private Room was in Terminal 2. So once I got off the plane I made my way around Changi before asking someone who told me it was in T3... 😅.

The Jewel is pretty

I headed back over to the First Class help section in Terminal 3, where they directed me to the Private Room.

Walking through T3

If you are wondering, yes you can a special boarding card that says, Private Room.


Where I found the escalators, which led upstairs to all of Singapore Airlines' lounges. Next time Konrad, just follow the signs 🤦‍♂️ (in relationships as well).

Stairway to heaven 😅

Once I arrived upstairs I was greeted by the staff. I showed them my golden ticket and they personally escorted me into the Private Room.

You have to go past the other lounges to find the Private Room

After a brief walk, I was in the "hallway", yay exciting! I did notice that

Another twist of a corridor and the Private Room came into sight! I did notice that the one staff shown in the picture seemed to be the only member in the Private Room who would be able to help you with reservations.

Don't know why it's blurry


When I first entered the Private Room it was around 8:45 am, which seems to be a bit of a busier time. There are plenty of options for seating, such as the middle section which features some comfortable and aesthetically pleasing chairs.

Not the most private but it is a Private Room 😉.

Color scheme seems to match SQ

Nicely decorated, I heard it was recently remodeled.

Perfect for a coffee with a mate

However, I decided to sit in one of the more private cubicles on the left-hand side. Charging ports were provided at each cubicle on the left-hand side and along with that, these cubicles felt extremely private with bookcases on each side.

A perfect place to kill a few hours

While we will get into all of the dining at a later point, there was a section of the room that consisted of a dining table by the bar.

Later on, I chose to sit on the right-hand side when you walk in featuring more little cubicles. These chairs were more comfortable than the original side but I prefer the original side due to the ambiance of the bookcases.

Lounging around with 7 hours to kill

There is plenty of seating throughout the lounge considering it is only for First Class customers. If this was a business-class lounge I would be a bit concerned with overcrowding but seeing that SQ only offers a minimal amount of flights in First Class, everyone should be okay.


To be honest, by this point, the champagne was filling me up, but I had to indulge to firstly get some food in me, and secondly for review purposes.

I started with a champoffee since it was 9 am. For those wondering I drink about 6 cups a day 😒, don't report me to the coffee police, please.


The Comtes was poured at my seat. Note that Krug is not served on the ground.

Um you can leave the bottle please!

You can leave the bottle if you like, please!🤥 Uh oh she actually did 😅.

Uh oh

I was presented with a breakfast menu that had some incredible options! Truffle and Lobster are featured on the menu for breakfast, as well as waffles with ice cream?! Sign me up!🍾

What time is it? Champagne time

However, if you know by now. I don't eat breakfast much which means I would choose the grilled sandwich (definitely a lunch item).


Once the Satay was complete the main came out.

Perfectly toasted sourdough

This course was delicious if you are looking for something light.

I left the Private Room but came back later to enjoy some more food!

The second meal service, let's call it linner, consisted of a variety of options. Seeing as it was Christmas Day, they had a special that consisted of turkey. I finally got my turkey on Christmas Day! It was so good I forgot to take a picture of it before I was halfway in!


The turkey was moist and juicy while the gravy hit the nail on the head.

Following the turkey I asked the server if I could order the wagyu burger. She happily accepted my request and 15 minutes later brought out a beautiful-looking burger.

This was incredible

The burger was a perfectly cooked medium and so flavorful. Although I am a simple man and it shows with this burger, simplicity is the key to a beautiful life. I also had another cappuccino which was beautifully presented as before.

Dining here is just like at a restaurant. The food is up to the standards of what I eat occasionally and would love to spend some more time here just to eat. I was extremely impressed, and trust me, you won't go hungry.

Nap Rooms

One part of the lounge I had read about online was the fact it had "nap rooms". I asked the person at the front desk if I could use one and she supplied me with a keycard (ooooo fancy).

Room 2

This is like a hotel review within a lounge review. I was assigned room 2 for what she said was 2 hours. The lady also mentioned that if no one asked I could use it longer.

The nap rooms are located on the right-hand side when you walk in, before any of the seating. It was very easy to find.


First impressions. Wow, no way is this in an airport, let alone a lounge. Everything I needed was in here from a bed, to a desk for work, to charging ports. It was all perfect.

My new air-pods I bought that day😀

Speaking of everything, there were even two hangers for people who needed to undress while sleeping! As well as a chair that resembled the one I would find in Q Suites that afternoon.

Conflicted on this chair in why it needs to be in the room

There were amenities provided such as slippers in case you need to go to the toilet (the one downside is there are no individual bathrooms in the bedrooms) as well as an extra blanket in case you get cold.

So cute!

Overall, the room was spacious and bigger than a standard hotel room in NYC...

Happy Happy

I managed to get a good hour and a half of sleep, probably since I had already been awake for almost 10 hours and it was 1 pm. Either the bed was comfortable or I was tired or perhaps it was both. Eventually, though, I did awake from my slumber.

Such a peaceful sleep

While It's not going to be your bed at home (nostalgically speaking), it did provide me with useful rest! However, it was time to go shower!

Bye Bye Room 2

Overall, whether you arrive in the early hours from London or have some time to kill, I think the nap rooms are a perfect place for a short rest. No, you cannot bring champagne in 😒.

Shower Suites

I headed over to the shower suites that are located by the bathrooms. While there are a couple of different showers, the "bigger" one was offered to me for freshening up. Why is everything so big in this lounge (not complaining), I thought only in the US everything was big 😉. I was happy though since I do enjoy my space.


A face towel was provided by the sink.

Feels like a hotel room no? In a good way

A quick little mirror pic, because why not?

Yeah I'm part SoCal

The shower had good water pressure as well as constant hot water. That is enough for me.

A 10-minute shower later and back into the same clothes, I felt like a new man!

There were also cups of water provided along with amenities such as a toothbrush and shaving kit.


Is this Dubai? A golden rubbish bin? I don't mind, I love gold.

Still though..

Time to head back to the lounge, it's time to board soon!

For those wondering, there are toilets in the private room and nice ones as well.

Overall Service

The service in totality was great. No, it wasn't over the top but it was the epitome of service in the Asian hemisphere. They didn't come around every 5 minutes to see if you wanted another drink or something else but they were always there when you needed something. I think this service is perfect for the clientele they serve.

I was also given two little teddy bears, the lion! These were given to me inside of a bungkus (takeaway) Singapore Airlines bag.

Awww so cute

The food was served at an optimal pace, not rushed or too slowly. The attitudes were polite and respectful. Everything was pretty much flawless from start to finish. Including having champagne poured at your table.

Leaving The Lounge

At around 3:30 I left the lounge for our scheduled boarding time of 3:45 pm. Since the gate was right next door, I didn't bother leaving too much time for walking. I bid my farewells and made my way out of the Private Room.

Thank you for having me!

Proceeding down the escalators once again. My trustworthy BBC bag... pause. It stands for Billionaire Boys Club🤨.

Otw to Delhi!

After a 5-minute walk, I made it to A gates for my flight to Delhi! I cannot wait to share this trip report with all of you soon!

Oh my, so excited!

To be honest, I don't have much to say about planes, so I'm just going to wing it.

Final Thoughts

The Private Room is up there with one of the best lounges in the world. It is extremely difficult to get in but once you do, it would be easy to spend a whole day here if needed. Through an extensive menu of fine champagne, nap rooms to sleep off the champagne, beautifully decorated barista-made coffee, and spacious showers, it's easy to lose track of time. Just don't make the same mistake as me of going to Terminal 2 to try and find it 😂.



Mar 24

Konrad. I think from you review you miss the point of the Private Room. It is a quiet discreet space that is elegant with immaculate service. Posting photos of the urinals....what planet are you on...? And before you ask, I have been in the Private Room....several times.

Apr 02
Replying to

I apologize if it came across in the wrong way. I try to provide the most in-depth review possible for travelers debating whether to fly through the private room/or are looking forward to it. As mentioned in my post, "The Private Room is up there with one of the best lounges in the world". I agree with your "discreet space that is elegant". Thank you for your feedback.

As always, Thanks for stopping by.

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