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  • Konrad Tillman

Wide Open AA Saver Award Space To Tokyo. See The Cherry Blossoms!


I am unsure of what is happening at the moment, but American Airlines has dumped saver awards for about half of March from the US to Tokyo. During the seasons of Cherry Blossoms, this is an extremely rare find to be had.

Let's get into the details!

The Dates

Weirdly, I am seeing about half of April open. You might be wondering if these are the last-minute deals again, Konrad. It's not! The last week of April has almost all dates open in Business Class saver space! Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to see 60K on all dates during the cherry blossom season😅.

uh huh

"Ok but American Airlines miles are hard to come by, I only have Chase Points". Don't worry. Jettoajet has got you covered. If you see saver space on AA's website, that generally*** means BA has access to the award space as well and BA is a transfer partner of Chase and Amex. I've flown AA business class countless times and with some of the dates on a 772 in Narita, you are bound for a nice ride!

From what I could see, they don't have access to all of the space, so be a bit patient😅.

The miles cost will be higher though!

"Business Class isn't enough for me I need First Class". Don't worry. I've got you covered again!

Well sort of, if you are flying by yourself this is no issue. Otherwise, you might have to stick your travel partner in the back😅. Okay okay, on a serious note, this was the only date in April that had JAL F award space but some might open up about 4-14 days before departure👍.

Dying to try this one out

Final Thoughts

For some peculiar reason, American Airlines has dumped saver space between the USA and Japan. Sadly, on the return I am seeing much more limited availability with only a few dates open in April. Maybe use your points to fly the other way around the world back😅.



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