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  • Konrad Tillman

Review: Yotel Singapore Changi Airport

After a terrific flight onboard the Singapore 737 Max 8 in business class (, I had to find my way from terminal 3 to Yotel airport. Needless to say, this was a journey and required a long trek through the Jewel and then up the escalators.


When looking for the Yotel in Changi, follow the signs to the Jewel. Once you arrive at the Jewel you should be on either levels 1,2 or 3, which means have you to take the escalator up to level 4.

A very quiet Changi

This picture below is taken from outside the Yotel, so if you see the "collective" sign, you are in the right place. I have to say that the Yotel is a bit challenging to find if you have never stayed here. However, if you follow the steps you will find it no problem!

How I Booked

Seeing that taxis to the city average about 50 Singapore dollars each way, I thought it was best to stay at an airport hotel. The Crowne Plaza was sold out for both days I transited in Singapore so I chose the Yotel. For one night the cost came to 197$ USD all of which I booked through Considering the rooms were the size of my suite in Singapore First Class I'm not sure this is the best deal. However, it is at the airport which is convenient. If you love flying, you'll love this hotel, it's like the largest First Class suite!


After a walk that felt like it lasted an hour, I arrived at check-in. I handed over my passport (no credit card deposit was required) and was given my room key.


They usually have robot butlers that deliver water to your room but they informed me these were not in service currently, so sad 😢.

There are two check-in desks, along with some automated check-in desks but with all due respect I'm English, and I don't know how that sh*t works. The staff were very friendly!

Getting To The Room

The rooming situation feels like a spaceship or if you have ever watched it, the second Maze Runner. Two floors, four corridors per floor consisting of bedrooms. There are two different types of rooms, one being the standard room which I was staying in, and the other consisting of a "family type room".

I decided to take the elevator as I was staying on the upper floor this time.

All of these mirror selfies, one might mistake for a SoCal girl

Once exiting the elevator you have to swipe your keycard to enter your "corridor".

Love the purple color scheme

A little press of the button.

Finally, after all the kerfuffle I arrived in my corridor for the night.

The Room

Before you ask no, this is not the red light district in Amsterdam. Upon entering the room my first thoughts were, wow this is cramped.

I was a bit confused a first thinking I had to sleep in this position but found that the bed goes into lie-flat mode! Not as big as the double bed on Singapore First Class but was more than comfortable!

The bed/seat goes fully flat through a black button that is on the side of the bed.

As you can see the black button by the bed

I was shattered when I arrived so please excuse the mess of the lie-flat mode.

Yes I am a side sleeper

There is also a mirror to the side of the bed, I can only imagine why that was installed!

As well as a TV where you could connect your phone to airplay. Wifi was also offered and it was free.

Charging ports were located on the wall when you walked in. I wish Yotel had added them to the bed, although it's probably good as you shouldn't sleep next to your phone supposedly.

However, I was quite upset as the charger kept falling out, meaning I couldn't charge my phone through the wall. I ended up using my laptop to charge my phone for the night.

One of the most annoying aspects of life

Lastly, do not store your bags in front of the bed as if the bed breaks, you will be charged a fee. Instead, there is space to store luggage underneath the bed!

The Toilet

When I mean the rooms are small, the rooms are small. Located right behind the bed you will find the toilet.

Located about three steps to the left of the sink lies the shower.

A hairdryer is provided if needed along with a few hand towels.

And an extra roll of toilet paper. You would have to go to the toilet a lot to use a whole roll in one night!

Shampoo and body were provided. However, there was no conditioner. Insert SoCal voice "How am I supposed to keep my blonde hair silky smooth" 🤥

There was a bathmat and two towels. Very basic but at this point, I didn't need anything more.

An antifog mirror might have been the highlight of the room! I often get frustrated when trying to shave if the mirror fogs up. So having a mirror that doesn't is a terrific design!

After a 3:30 am shower.

That's it, that's the whole room!

Other Facilities/Amenities

When I was leaving, at the godforsaken hour of 4 am, I came across a small gym. While it is small and consists of only a couple of machines, it's a perfect addition to the hotel as it's not like you can go outside running. Unless you run laps around Changi😅.

Simple but better than nothing

There is also an option to book a shower only at the Yotel. I ran across the shower rooms. I didn't get to go inside but I imagine they are very similar to what is found in the rooms, perhaps a little bigger.

For those who are smokers, the Yotel offers a "smoke stop", which I imagine is just a smoking room.

There were some chairs in the middle of the hallway?? Unsure as to what the reasoning here is. Maybe if your husband/wife is annoying you and you need a break?

Peculiar this one

Other than that, there is a lounging area on the main floor which I will review in my second review. Apart from the lounging area, no other facilities are offered.

Checking Out

With a wake-up call at 3:30 am, I had to get ready to fly to Jakarta onboard Singapore Airlines 77W (review coming tomorrow). Heading out at 4 am, in the same outfit I wore before (don't worry I put on deodorant) was an easy process. I just handed over my key cards and was on my way for the walk back to terminal 3!

Do I have a twin?

Regarding the service side of the hotel, I barely had any interaction with the staff apart from checking in. Can't complain as they were friendly upon check-in and check-out.

Final Thoughts

Confliction strikes my mind in whether I would stay here again or not (I ended up doing so). While the rooms are tiny (100 Sq ft), there aren't too many facilities and it's a long trek to get there, there are some good aspects. If you love flying like myself it feels like you are in the best First Class, the beds are comfortable, it is conveniently located within the Jewel with hundreds of restaurants, and at the end of the day, it is simple. My therapist tells me simplicity is good. If I had to give it a rating it would be...



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