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The epitome of relaxation over crystal water in Bora Bora

About Me

Born and raised in London, travel became a huge part of my life when I was young, first leaving the country at 9 days old.  I am currently enrolled in college as a full-time student but with a dream of visiting every country in the world. I love reading, writing, tea, flying, massages, and the simple aspects of life. I hope you enjoy this page as we embark on this journey together around the world! 

    My Story

    Ever heard of Fight or Flight? To this day I still take fight or flight probably too literally. My sister always told me that the world was my home and it is. I dropped out of school a couple of years ago to help overcome my substance addiction. Through this, I found who I was and what I loved doing, traveling the world! Thankfully, I'm enrolled back in school and trying to juggle my passion with the workload.

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