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The Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries In The World & Why


After visiting 83 countries (not too many in the grand scheme of things), I wanted to share my 10 favorite countries in this post and why they are so special. Sadly, I haven't done much of Africa, only about 9 countries so far. Therefore, this post will be updated as I travel along to more countries.

Exploring these countries has had multiple benefits on my soul, including finding myself. Travel is a beautiful part of life when it's done. "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom," and I think I travel not only helps you understand yourself, but it expands your horizons and humbles you.

Let's get into it!

Number 10: Cuba 🇨🇺

Never in my wildest dreams before I went there did I think Cuba would make this list. However, upon entering, you are taken to a different world that is hard to describe. A family-driven society, cars from the 1960s, casa particulars that melted my heart, and hospitality that is incredible.

Casa Particular

The culture of Cuba is deep, and you can see it in the people. To add to the cultural aspect, the rum is the best I have ever tasted, supposedly due to how the sun shines on certain parts of Cuba. The same applies to cigars as well.

Number 9: Greenland🇬🇱

The only time I went overseas to this Danish territory (yes, I am aware) was when I was 9 years old. While this experience wasn't for the faint of heart, it might have been one of the most breathtaking moments in my life. From watching icebergs melt in front of your eyes to ice-fishing in the middle of the ocean, Greenland is one-of-a-kind.

Northern Lights Greenland

It felt good to be cut off from society, which we don't do much of anymore. Apart from the nights I spent at the Artic Hotel, we also spent time in local huts where the only warmth came from a wood-burning fireplace. This country is a must-visit!

Number 8: Indonesia🇮🇩

All marbles on the table; I might be a little biased here. A part of Indonesia changed my life, and if you haven't gathered, I am not talking about Canggu😪. Indonesia is home to some of the most gorgeous islands on the planet and some of the prettiest water. However, this isn't what stood out to me. Where Indonesia shines is with the local people. After living there for a year, I realized that the starting wage in Indonesia is 110$, not per week but monthly. Needless to say, the people I met offered to take me to their houses, cook for me, offer me gifts, play football with me, etc.


I was walking along the streets of Tembok, and a man started a conversation with me. He invited me to his house for dinner, and when I offered to give him a little bit of money, he refused and said my company was more than enough.

To add to the people, I am also in love with Jakarta, especially the Four Seasons there. It's like a second home!! Before someone says it's so expensive, why do you stay there so much? Firstly, it's the best city Four Seasons in the world; secondly, rates start at under 200$ a night. It's still pricey but not outrageous.

Number 7: France🇫🇷

When talking about France, one has to account for not just the mainland but all of the colonies as well. To start with, I love the mainland. I grew up summering in Provence, and Paris still has a very special place in my heart. However, where France has the upper hand is with their colonies such as St Barths and The French Polynesia.

Conrad Bora Bora

Yeah, the Maldives is cool, yeah, Seychelles is cool, but my oh my, is Bora Bora something special? It gets said a lot and is overplayed on Instagram, but I cannot recommend visiting highly enough. This place has a special energy to help you recharge your batteries.

Number 6: Brazil🇧🇷

Where else in the world can you see people at a club at 3 am, then the same people running shirtless on the beach in Copacabana at 7 am? Brazil might have just invented the word "fun." It's not just the cities that mesmerized me (because they do), but Brazil has everything you need to do whatever you want. Whether that is visiting Christ The Redeemer, Iguazu Falls, or hunting giant blue marlin in Canavieras.

Christ The Redeemer Brazil

Then you add that Brazilians are outgoing people who love to dance and go to the beach, mixed with good food. I could spend years here. Most places on this list have a special energy about them, and Brazil is no different. The energy isn't directed towards healing but more towards a happy way of life (America could learn something here).

Number 5: Vietnam🇻🇳

Perhaps I have a thing for communist countries; who knows? What I do know is how much I enjoyed my time in Vietnam. Even though I tend to stay at upscale resorts, I like to engage with the local people to get a feel for the country. In Vietnam, I played football against a government team and found the people to be incredible. Not only that, I spent a day with a tour guide who became our friend, but when we offered to pay, he refused. It takes me aback when this happens, as this never happens in the US.

Vietnam Coconut Boats

People aside, Vietnam is a beautiful place. White sand beaches, deep-rooted culture in the cities, etc. My favorite town is Hoi An and I recommend visiting this town if you are heading to Asia. There's no place like it in the world at night🥰.

Number 4: Botswana🇧🇼

Even if our vehicle was chased by a Black Mamba (and I am afraid of snakes), and our tent stalked by a lion in the middle of the night, Botswana was one of my fondest memories as a kid. This was about 13 years ago, but I got to sit in the cockpit seat of a Cessna as we were landing on a grass airstrip. We had to initiate a go-around due to Zebras blocking the runway!!! Where else in the world would all of this happen?


Having been on a couple of safaris, Botswana was the most beautiful by far. If you haven't been on a safari, I highly recommend looking into Botswana for your first!

Number 3: Bolivia🇧🇴

Bolivia is a relatively slept-on country. When you ask someone about South American countries, most of the time, Bolivia is down their list. However, it's right near the top of mine. There is so much to Bolivia and so much that I haven't explored either. The city of La Paz is like no other, situated at 12,000 feet above sea level!

La Paz City

Okay, but why is Bolivia at number 3? Fair question. A special feeling melted my soul when I headed to bed after exploring all day. It was as if I was in a movie scene. I stayed in a hotel where a spooky attic and live music were playing outside to put me to bed. If you have seen Queen of The South, it was that in real life. Bolivia has a way of life that you cannot even begin to describe unless you experience it.

And, of course, the Death Road and Salt Flats😂.

Number 2: Bhutan🇧🇹

With Bhutan, I went back and forth with either number 1 or number 2. Although it is a pain to get to, it is worth the 2 or 3 flights it can take. This country is one of the last untouched gems on earth and the only country that measures its GDP in Happiness. Yes, you heard that right, happiness! I got to see the ins and outs of the countries, the monasteries, the local way of life, the national sport, the local food, etc. It's as if there is no influence from the outside world.

Tiger's Nest Bhutan

Most of the other countries I have been to rely heavily on tourism. This country relies on its community. If someone gets ill and Bhutan cannot fulfill a procedure, the king will use his jet to fly the citizen to Thailand and pay for the surgery. When I tell this story to the people, they don't believe a government would ever do that. The salary isn't high, but people are the happiest I have ever seen. This country is a 100% must go, and before you do, read up on the term "Mitakpa".

Number 1: Cambodia🇰🇭

Cambodia is overrun with tourists and backpackers, yet it is my favorite country in the world. Why? Firstly, Angkor Wat. My therapist told me before I went that there would be a strong energy there, but she couldn't describe what it was like. This is true; there is an energy that simply melts your soul. I can't describe it either😅.

Cambodia is a stunning place with rich history
Cambodian Temples

Aside from Angkor Wat, I found life to be the most relaxed I have felt. Cruising around in a remorque (my favorite mode of transportation ever), sipping a Browns coffee, and heading to a restaurant to eat some of the best food I have ever eaten. Including seeing monks on the side of the street! No wonder why Raffles and Aman both have hotels in Siem Reap. A special shoutout to Phnom Penh as well! A very special place as well!

Final Thoughts

Look, I haven't been to every country in the world at the time of writing this. However, with these recommendations, I hope I am able to help you choose your next vacation destination. These are only my top 10 countries, and everyone might change. At the end of the day, it is a personal opinion. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed the read!



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