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  • Konrad Tillman

6 Hours In Santiago, Chile: Good Food, Fun People, And Great Tattoos


Following a flight from Sao Paulo to Santiago with LATAM on their new 787-9 Business Class product, the time had come to visit Country 81 and explore!!! Chile had always been on my list due to the natural beauty of the country, the wine, and the beef, of course.

In the short time I spent in Chile, I found the country to live up to my prior expectations. Let's get into why this country was just as good as I thought!

The Food

Sadly, I had made it into the city by 11:30 am but realized that most of the good restaurants don't open until 12:30/1. Then I realized that Chile used to be a Spanish colony, which made sense.

So I walked around a bit and explored

Finally, by 1:00 pm, I sat down at a local steakhouse. Most likely, I won't be back in Chile for a minute so I decided to go all out in terms of eating. 500 grams of steak (1x200gram, 1x300gram), I entered a food coma. Holy cow😂 was the steak good here.

Simply unreal this food

I opted not to have a full bottle of wine due to the long day ahead, but that didn't stop me from having a half bottle and a glass. Once again, the wine is simply incredible.

Oh how I wish I was back there at the moment

The best part about this meal was the fact that I ordered 2 bottles of water, 2 steaks, a half bottle of wine, and a glass of wine; the bill came out to 35$ USD.

The Tattoo

If you are looking to get a tattoo in Santiago, look no further than Walter Vargas Tattoo shop. The man is so friendly, speaks great English, and gave me a free beer on top of the tattoo.

Everything was sterile, while the tattoo itself came out amazingly! I will definitely be coming back to get more when I decide on what to get. Yes, that means I will fly to Chile to get a tattoo (won't that be a fun review trip😂).

After the tattoo, I called my Uber and made my way back to the airport. Uber is very easy and works well in Santiago.

Uber Santiago Chile

The cars are clean and more luxurious than any South American country. No wonder why BA only flies First Class to Santiago out of all the destinations in South (South) America.

Final Thoughts

Even if I only spent about 6 hours outside of the airport in Chile, it is a country that I would love to go back to and explore. Especially the Atacama desert! The food is incredible (the steak ugh😱), the wine is decadent, and the people are friendly. Stay tuned for my final review of this trip before I get into the next one!



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