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Review: Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta


Oh, where do I even begin with this review? I had the most incredible stay over Christmas Eve with the Four Seasons in Jakarta.

Upon arrival in Jakarta, I was greeted by a member of the Four Seasons staff who would escort me over to the Golden Bird taxi service which was pre-arranged. While I will talk about GoldenBird in a separate post, the service costs 40 USD on the 35-minute drive (traffic-depending) and you sit in a comfortable Toyota Alphard.

Back in my 4th home

Thankfully, I have somehow seemed to always avoid the Jakarta traffic. I don't know how this is but I'm not complaining. From terminal 3 to the Four Seasons was 28 minutes this morning.

The door opened automatically and I was greeted by a member of the staff "Mr Tillman, it's so nice to have you back. How have you been"?. My bags were carried through the X-ray scanner, as in most hotels in Jakarta there is security screening, and I was on my way inside.

Pretty Christmas decorations

How I Booked

I booked a one-night stay at the Four Seasons in Jakarta for 197$ before taxes and fees. The total came out to about 225$ for a suite. However, as you will read about later, this is an all-suite hotel which means for 225$ a night, rooms start at 650 square feet. I was upgraded to my favorite room on floor 14, at the end of the hallway on the left. Maybe if I stay here enough, they'll rename it the Tillman Suite?

Since it was about 8 am when I arrived at the hotel I wasn't expecting to be able to check in. I was offered the option to pay 50% of the nightly rate but decided against it as I would grab breakfast and after, have a massage at the spa! Subject to availability, there is free check-in after 10 am.

Here are some pictures of the lobby, gorgeous!

Giant Christmas tree

The library, located on the right hand side when you walk in

The bakery/pastry shop, they have incredible macaroons!

This place is fantastic

Perfect for reading a book

This review is going to work a little bit differently, instead, going step by step.


I headed over to the restaurant for breakfast which is located right behind the Christmas tree. All of the staff members welcomed me back by name. Side note, I know some of the staff but how did everyone in the hotel know my name? I've heard that the Four Seasons has profiles on guests but this is the first hotel where almost every member knew my name.

Moving on, I headed outside and then back inside until I found my spot for breakfast.

I'm a Blazers fan, it's a rough life

A fantastic way to start the morning!

My usual table was occupied

A waiter came over and took my order of a bottle of sparkling water, cappuccino, and French toast.

Patiently waiting

The food arrived and it was delicious. For those wondering, there is a breakfast buffet and a la carte. Personally, I only eat off of the a la carte and the total for everything came out to 25 USD.

Sadly, I was unable to watch the 4th quarter since my massage was soon. A special shoutout to the manager, Micky, a stellar guy. If you happen to go by tell him hello from me.

The Spa

Heading back through the lobby, I had to find my way to the elevators which would take me up to the spa on level 5. The elevators are decorated beautifully.

Fit for a king?

Gold is such a royal color, goes well with FS Jakarta

As you can see Alto is located on the 20th floor

This picture was taken after spa time.

Feeling like I'm at a beach resort when really I'm in Jakarta.

It's a classic touch of the key card to go to any level that has rooms on it, not Alto or the spa.

A lot of gold!

I eventually made it to level 5 and found the spa. Naturally, with a place in Bali, I went for the Balinese massage which set me back about 70 USD after tax & service. Here is a menu for those interested. There are plenty of different options.

I asked if I could use the room early to have a shower as I was convinced I smelt from the flight. They were more than happy to let me in as no one was occupying it.

Spa room sink

There was a toilet & a shower.

Just a toilet nothing else to see here, move along

Once I was finished with my shower, I changed into the provided underwear and was ready for my massage.

The massage was interesting, shall we leave it at that? Overall, it was a good massage just some parts surprised me. I came out feeling relaxed and ready for some food by the pool.

Once I was finished with my massage, I was offered some ginger tea in the relaxation room. I stayed a couple of minutes before proceeding to the spa front desk to sign the bill. My keycard had been dropped off which I thought was thoughtful. I added a tip and was on my way to the pool!

The Gym

I stopped by the gym on the way to the pool, since they are right next to each other, to take a couple of pictures. This time I didn't use the gym due to my activity planned day! However, it's usually quite empty and with lots of equipment to use, a fantastic gym!

Whatever you need, they have it.

Along with a water station and cold towels after a sweaty workout.

The Pool

The pool is located on the 5th floor, in between the gym and the spa. It's a wonderful place to relax and every time I have visited, it hasn't been too busy.

Sadly it was a little cold and cloudy today, but that didn't stop me from enjoying the outside!

Sometimes I sit over there but..

This is my favorite place to sit!

Love the elephant

This is another aspect of service that shined. Being from the UK, I love Pizza Express. If you don't know they have many around Asia and a few in Jakarta. I ordered some to be delivered to the lobby, and they brought it up to me poolside...


The two attendants who work the pool are extremely nice people. Sometimes I end up chatting with them for hours 😅.

It was a bit chilly in the pool this time of year.

Later I came back to have a pint by the pool before dinner since why not? It's Christmas Eve! The FS also has a poolside snack menu. The wagyu croquettes are to die for 🥰. Price-wise, an aperol spritz is about 15 dollars, a pint is 5, and Wagyu croquettes are 5 USD.

The Rooms

Eventually, I decided it was time to go to the room as I was getting a little bit tired after a long past few days.

Elevators 14th floor

I headed down to the very end to my corner suite.

Continuing until I made it to the last room on the right.

When you first walk in, you have to put the keycard in the side for power. The entrance is grand with a coffee machine on the left-hand side. I adore Illy Coffee.

Facing the door in

Regular and decaf pods are available as well as complementary water bottles.

Caffeine hit🥰

The suite is broken up into sections. A living room, which can be closed with sliding doors from the bedroom, the bedroom, and the bathroom.

The living room is spacious consisting of 2 chairs and a coffee table.

A little note was left for me on the coffee table 🥰

5 stars here

A couch for lounging, or if you're like me, your bags.

This bag gets the utmost VIP treatment

A desk that was spacious enough to do some work. A TV was also there but I only ever used the one in the bedroom.

Everything looks perfect no?

As I mentioned the living room could be closed off by a sliding door. Let's move on to the bedroom.

Ah yes, the Four Seasons bed!

There is a bench in front.

And off to the side, I found a table that featured charging points.

As well as a phone. Although I never used the phones, when I stay at the Four Seasons Hotels I always use the app.

Wait I almost forgot, you can close the curtains with a push of the button next to your bed, as if it were a light switch! Wow, they thought of everything 😁

On the other side of the bed lies the magic buttons

There is a TV in the corner which is perfect to have on in the background.

While we will touch on overall service later, I want to add that every time I come back, an Apple TV is set up for me. Ever since the first time I stayed, I asked for one and now automatically there is one in the room. I think this goes to show the level of care.

It looks like it wheels doesn't it. Unsure as I've never tried

Turndown service was also offered later after my dinner at Alto! I lied on the bed before I took a picture, don't fault FS😅. As you know the Four Seasons beds are ridiculously comfortable. I had a fantastic 4 and a half hour sleep this time around.

Love this bed

There are two entrances to the bathroom. When you first enter the room you will find one entrance. This side is more of a makeup station with housecoats and storage.

A vanity mirror for those in need.

Very large bathroom. Very beautiful nonetheless.

On and on and on and on

This chair is very comfortable 😂.

Moving on you pass through to the double sink. Is the woman supposed to use the one on the left or the guy?

Stocked with amenities for every occasion.

Shaving kit is great here

There is a shower on the right of the sink which is a fantastic shower. All necessities are provided and the water pressure is fantastic.

As well as a bath. I make it a habit of having a bubble bath every time I stay.

Perfect size bath for 1

Lastly, there is a toilet right across from the shower. A functioning toilet, nothing else.

Nothing more to report here

Overall Service

The service at the hotel is flawless. I can confidently say now, out of all the Four Seasons in the world, the best service I have experienced has been at this hotel. It's hard to describe but if I tried, it's a sense of striving to give the guests the best experience possible. Completely the opposite of Hong Kong which you will read about soon.

Every member of the staff is friendly with a smile.

They remember things that you might forget about yourself 😅

Going above and beyond to cater to your needs, such as Pizza Express delivery.

Overall, extremely amazing people who seem like they enjoy being there.

To put this into perspective, once I came back from my dinner at Alto, this was waiting for me on the coffee table. Small things go a long way.


With a double wake-up call scheduled for 2:30 and 2:40, I left the hotel promptly at 3 am bound for CGK Airpot again. The Goldenbird Toyota Alphard car service was waiting for me. I wished everyone a Merry Christmas and was on my way for what was to be, a killer Christmas Day!

First Class check-in woooooo. I actually had to wait 🤨.

Final Thoughts

From start to finish, this was probably my best stay at any Four Seasons I've been to so far. Maybe it was the Christmas spirit but it felt as if I was back at home. The rooms are huge and comfortable, the amenities are plentiful and luxurious, the service is simply sublime, the food is sensational and the hotel is decorated beautifully. If I had to find some way to fault FS Jakarta it would be by not allowing me to check in before 10 am. However, that is also extremely standard for most hotels so I think it is fair. Other than that, this stay could not have been more perfect. If you are reading this and debating where to stay in Jakarta, this is the hotel for you.



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