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  • Konrad Tillman

Staying At A Casa Particular In Havana. A Cultivating Experience Of Cuban Culture


Throughout my two-night stay in Havana, I stayed at Casa Particular booked through Airbnb. There are plenty of options on where to stay when you come to Cuba, but after reading this, you might also choose a Casa Particular.

Before arriving my host Myrna and I communicated through Airbnb. She informed me of all the necessary details before traveling such as not being able to use a bank card, and how to buy a sim card, and provided me with a driver from the airport to the Casa Particular (30$).

The exterior

The Rooms

In this particular Casa Particular😅, there were three rooms. Two have queen-sized beds, and one has two doubles. I had a room with a queen-sized bed. It was decorated beautifully with antique designs.


I found the bed comfortable and the blanket light (since AC is rare in Havana). The bathroom featured a bathtub (a nice surprise), a shower, a sink and a toilet. Wifi was strong at night in the room, during the day it was so-so.

The Inside

The inside was gorgeous, a throwback to the 1950's.

There was a kitchen area where I believe you could cook. Coffee was presented to me free of charge by the lady who helped with guests (it's Myrana and another lady, unsure of her name).

There was free water for guests to have; this is important as people don't drink tap water in Cuba. The hallway connected all of the room to the kitchen and the patio.

It's hot in Cuba

At the end of the hallway lay a relaxation area. The couches were unbelievably comfortable, and the decoration has inspired some of my future house designing.

One of a kind

View facing couches, the floor decoration is on point as well!

Outdoor Patio

There is an outdoor patio where I spent a lot of my time. Every morning, the lady would make fresh Cuban coffee and I would either drink it inside or outside.

That chair was perfect for a morning of reading Nietzsche.

Already miss it

So Why A Casa Particular?

So how were these two days any different from staying in a hotel? From start to finish it felt like I was staying with family. Myrna was extremely accommodating checking in with how I was and what I was up to. When I had to exchange money she gave me a fantastic exchange rate, when I needed a taxi she would arrange one for me even if she was busy, and even when she wasn't in the area she sent someone to change money for me.

For comparison's sake, I visited a few hotels for drinks, and the service was just like a hotel. Staying in a casa, in particular, you get to fully experience the Cuban culture and how friendly the people are. Staying here is one of the reasons I am planning on returning already!

Final Thoughts

Cuba was incredible from start to finish. One of the most special parts was getting to stay with Myrna at her Casa Particular. It felt like I was staying with family from start to finish with so much care being offered. After experiencing this it will be difficult to go back to staying in a Hilton somewhere😂. One of my few recommendations would be to stay at Casa Particular if you visit Cuba, and if you are American this works perfectly under "Support For The Cuban People".

Did I mention that it was also only 36$ per night after taxes and fees? What an incredible deal for the experience that was had.

Attached is the link to book this place through Airbnb, I don't get a commission I just want to make your trip to Cuba a bit better😊.



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