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  • Konrad Tillman

Visiting Christ The Redeemer: What It's Like


My fifth world wonder! After one heck of a hectic day, traveling from La Paz-Santiago, Santiago-Sao Paulo, and Sao Paulo-Rio De Janeiro, it was time to check out of my hotel and see the attraction that brought me to Rio De Janeiro. Honestly, the only reason I re-routed down here was due to visiting Christ The Redeemer. Was it worth it? Absolutely!

However, there are a couple of things to note.

Let's get into it!

How I Booked

For my day trip in Rio De Janeiro, I booked a full-day tour consisting of visits to Sugarloaf, Christ The Redeemer, lunch, and more! The total cost came out to 87$ for an 8-hour tour (I couldn't stay that long) and included transport, tickets and a tour guide. I have to say this was a bargain of a deal, and the cheapest I had experienced for any world wonder!

The Beginning

Upon booking, I was instructed to meet at Copacabana beach by 7:45 am. Keep in mind I didn't get to sleep until 2 am😅. Somehow, I made it down there!

Bit of a gloomy day in the morning

It was worthwhile to wake up early, with people playing volleyball, running, and doing other activities on the beach by 8 am. I gotta say, I love Rio.

Copacabana beach

Our tour guide was messaging me on WhatsApp to let me know where he was, and before long I had met up with him.

We were on our way to Christ The Redeemer!

Christ The Redeemer

When you visit Christ The Redeemer, there are a couple of different options to get up to the top. The most touristic one consists of an electric train. I was looking forward to this, but due to my late booking, I was only able to get a tour that consisted of a van.

Our Mercedes Benz van dropped us off at the shuttle stop. I had coffee and a beer, and we jumped on the other 15-minute bus to Christ the Redeemer. The guide offered to let me sit in the front, and I jumped on the occasion!

Yayy, coming soon

We had arrived! World Wonder number 5! Even though it was cloudy, it was simply magnificent! Our guide gave us about an hour to explore, and I had a morning beer (when in Rio right) as I gazed out over this beautiful statue.

Takes your breath away

It was busy, but not nearly as busy as any other world wonder I had been to. Much quieter than Machu Picchu or the Taj Mahal I can tell you that much!

A little platform to gaze over Rio

Of course, I had to snap the iconic picture of the racetrack😅. The guide was amazing, offering to take pictures of me, cracking jokes, etc. It also was lovely that one of the members on the tour was a professional photographer🥰. You meet such amazing people when you travel!

The iconic picture

A small little note: the street art, much like Colombia is gorgeous!

The artists in South America might be some of the best in the world

Well, that was it, we took our shuttle back down and made our way back into the Sprinter van. Next up was Sugarloaf Mountain, stay tuned for that in the coming days!

Final Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience of visiting Christ The Redeemer. It was much more laid back than any other world wonder I had visited and while it is not as big, there is a special energy around the place. Part of what makes it so fun is that there are limited people allowed to go at certain times. If I ever propose to a woman, it will be with that private tour of Christ The Redeemer. Can't recommend this enough and would put it above the Taj Mahal!



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