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Premium Fare Deals: Dollar Per Hour 2


As you know, I love to find good deals on the internet; it's my passion. Every Sunday, I will release an article called the "Dollar Per Hour" series breaking down some of the best premium class deals at the moment. While I book some of them and don't, my hope is I am able to help some of you fly in comfort for at least half the price.

Deal 1: Delta Business Class "Suites" Honolulu- Mexico City 584$ OW

This is the deal of the week when it comes to premium flying. Whether you are looking to get back stateside from Hawaii, have mileage running, or want to try the suites, this fare is for you. Act quickly on this one as it might sell out soon! For 5.5 hours you can experience the A330-900neo on Delta Suites, followed by 5.5 hours in Aeromexico 737 business class. I love Aeromexico, you can check out my review of the 787 here if interested (

The Delta Suites is something I have been dying to try. While I have flown the refurbished 764, it's not the same. The dollar per hour breaks down to 53$ per hour, which is tremendous value!

Fare 2: Aeromexico 787-9/8 Business Class Rome-Mexico City 660$ OW

This is another stellar fare that I don't expect to last very long.: 12 hours in Aeromexico business class and a hop in Air Europa of 2.5 hours, all for the cost of an economy ticket from New York to London. While I have yet to fly the Aeromexico 787-9 business class, you can read why I am excited here (

In terms of dollar per hour, this represents our best value of the series yet at 44$ per hour, it is an absolute steal. Combine this seat with the beautiful champagne they offer, this 12 hour flight is bound to be a treat.

Fare 3: Thai+Kenya Airways Business Class Hong Kong-Cape Town 1690$ OW

While this isn't the best deal, especially compared to the ones above, it still represents a terrific value when flying between two financial capitals. While I have yet to try Kenya Airways business class (I would love to), I did fly Thai Airways recently on this exact flight, which was incredible. Here is a trip report I recently posted on them (

In regards to our dollar per hour, this prices out 93$ per hour. As I mentioned the only reason this fare makes the cut, is due to the origin and destination.

Fare 4: Turkish Airlines Business Class Sofia-Melbourne 2394$ RT

This is a fantastic fare and represents great value if you need to get from Europe to Oceania. 39 hours onboard Turkish Airlines with a mix of 787's and 777-300's all for 2394$. According to Google Flights, this is extremely low for this routing.

The dollar per hour comes out 61$ per hour, a terrific deal. The only issue with this fair is that it begins in Sofia. However, if you are able to book a ticket to Sofia, your cheap premium fare deal can begin! I hear raving things about TK J.

Fare 5: Hawaiian Business Class Tokyo-New York 1619$ OW, 2496$ RT

For those looking to fly from Tokyo to New York, direct round trips in business class sit around 8-9000$. However, Hawaiian Airlines is offering decent fares in business class, which would allow you lunch in Honolulu on your way there and an overnight stay on your way back if opting for the return. In terms of our series, one way comes out to about 101$ per hour which is an okay value.

However, when booking this as a roundtrip, the total comes to 69$ per hour which is a terrific value. The best part about this is Asiana has fares for 100$ more right around Christmas time, which could mean making your journey in business class for the same price as direct in economy for the holidays!

Sadly, I couldn't find any routing that consisted of the new 787s, but a lie-flat seat is a lie-flat seat! I have been wanting to try the new 787 in business class as it looks very similar to what Virgin Atlantic offers. Not exactly the same but the middle seats have the same layout from what I can tell. Looking at the picture below, the middle seats remind me of these honeymoon seats Hawaiian has onboard the 330s at the moment, huh?

Final Thoughts

These five fares make up the second round of the dollar-per-hour series on this page. The goal isn't the most direct routing, but the comfiest routing for the cheapest price. We live in a world that is so beautiful and every country has a different culture to offer. For me, even if that means flying 6 hours out of my way and staying in some place I've never been, I don't view it as a dread, I view it as an opportunity. I hope this article might help you travel those long distances in comfort❤️. I'll see you next week for number 3!



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