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Review: Roseate House New Delhi


Following one the best flights I have taken in my life onboard Singapore Suites (, it was time to check in to the Roseate House in New Delhi.

For a quick summary, I would say this hotel is quite good, especially compared to the Leela Palace I stayed in 2 days later. The rooms are modern, the hotel is gorgeous, and it is conveniently located for business travelers.

How I Booked

Rates for the Roseate House start at around 205$ per night, ranging all the way up to 400$+ per night. However, I managed to grab a 2-night stay in the most basic room for 443$ including taxes for both nights. With the other hotels in the higher price range having similar prices, I felt it was a fine deal.

Not bad

Of course, as always I booked this stay through since I am a gold member there. I have no affiliation with, but I feel it is easy to book all of my stays.


If you happen to be arriving late into Delhi or are only staying the night, the Roseate House is perfect. Situated only a 7-minute drive from the airport, you won't have to wait in the New Delhi traffic, which can be horrific at times.

Be careful of all the tolls heading back to the airport

For those wondering a taxi outside of the airport to the hotel cost me about 10 USD, and the drivers expect a tip!


While check-in was a little bit of a blur, after a short drive we arrived at the gates to the Roseate House. As with most hotels in Delhi, there was a security check that had to be performed.

Checking the car

After the security check you drive down an alley.

Gorgeous design

Looking the other way.

The fog 😒

Where the taxi driver dropped me off at the lobby.


The lobby is gorgeous, with high ceilings and vivid decorations.

High ceilings are something I love

With flowers surrounding the exterior.

Red roses 🥰

Check-in was seamless with my reservation already prepaid, my passport was scanned and my credit card deposited. The staff directed me to the elevators and I made my way up to my room on the second floor.

The Room

My room was located on the second floor, a little down the corridor.

I scanned my keycard and made my way to the entrance.

View of the doorway after entering

Upon walking in, the bathroom was located on the left-hand side, while the bedroom was straight in front. Upon first glance, this place is gorgeous! A nice couch to lay belongings on or perhaps room service if that's up your alley. The bed was extremely comfortable and I slept like a baby both nights.

And comfortable as well

There was a modern TV against the wall. While I didn't end up using it, I believe you could cast your devices and stream content on it.

The underlights are a great touch

There was also a TV remote on the bedside table and glass bottles of water (refilled).

Water was needed 😜

Here are a few other pictures of the bedroom. Very well designed.

Lastly, it took me until the morning that I left to discover these, but the charging ports flipped out. While I like this design, I wish someone had told me before 😅.

Who knew. A big tip if you are going to stay here

As I mentioned there was a beautiful bathroom that was located to the left when you walk in. To start with, there was a beautiful closet that doubled as a mirror when closed. It's an odd place for a closet, but it makes the bedroom feel less claustrophobic.

Which I did not partake in

Continuing on I found the shower immediately to the right. The shower pressure was good and the temperature was consistent.

Was needed after The Taj Mahal tour

On the opposite side lay the toilet. It was just a toilet; nothing more to report here.

Attention to detail was good

There was a single sink, opposite the bathroom. While I am a big fan of double sinks, the single sink was decent for my stay.

Next to the shower was a very rounded bathtub. Something that baffled me was that no door separated the shower and the bath, which meant some water was getting sprayed onto the floor. However, it did mean that if you were in the shower and the bath, you had easy access to soap and shampoo.

Is what it is

Although the bathtub was small, it was deep, making for a couple of fantastic warm bubble baths. It was cold in India at this time!


To finish off, there were some basic amenities by the sink, which proved helpful.

If you are an Aviation geek like myself, the sunset views from the room are beautiful!

On a clear day you can see takeoff and landings

In totality, this is a very comfortable room to spend time in. The small details are pivotal in making this room spacious, comfortable, and sleek.

The Pool

Following my trip to the Taj Mahal on the 26th, I opted to take a look at the pool. After changing into the provided housecoat and slipper that were in my room I made my way to the top floor.

Thinking I'm so cool when really I'm not 😂

Once I exited the elevators, there were signs to head to the pool.

Not realizing that Delhi is cold in December

After following a long path, I arrived at the pool with a serene view.


It was freezing and no one else was up there at this time.

Simply breathtaking

There were some different options in regard to seating. Lounge chairs, cabanas, and dining tables were present.

While there wasn't a staff member in sight since it was too cold, presumably, I did try to take a dip in the pool. The pool wasn't heated and it was 58 degrees F outside. I made it to my waist and ran out like a kid doing the polar plunge.

Here are some more pictures of the pool.

Around The Hotel

There were plenty of decorations around the Roseate House due to Christmas time. The hotel is arranged with a middle complex that makes it somewhat more peaceful. While you might see a swimming pool, you cannot swim in this one.

At night, it turns magical with reindeer lit up. I imagine that on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Santa showed up to give presents to the kids.

Still felt like Christmas

I asked the staff to take a picture of me in the sleigh since the last time I was in a sleigh was in Lapland in 2009.

The staff were more than happy to help with this request and the photo turned out great.

The decorations were breathtaking.

Truly felt like a winter wonderland.

There was a small pastry shop for breakfast located in the lobby, but other than that, there were no other amenities that I found. I imagine there was a gym but that wasn't on my mind 😅.

There were also pretty roses leading up to the area.


While I was out most of the time in Delhi, I managed to squeeze in two meals throughout my stay. There are two main restaurants that are located on the first floor (between the ground floor and the second). There is also a bar which happened to be empty both times I walked by. This was the restaurant that was opened when I walked by.

And there was a bar as mentioned, with plenty of top-shelf liquor.

The first meal consisted of a light dinner since after the day prior, I needed to prioritize my diet. Here is what the dinner menu looked like for those wondering.

And the drinks menu, although I was most definitely not drinking for a while.

For the wine lovers, there are a few options.

The table was set and warm bread was brought out.

The bread was lovely and complimentary.

I had a chicken and cheese panini for the main course, paired with a bottle of Perrier. It was fine, nothing special. However, comfort food always makes one feel better.

The total for the meal came out to about 19$ or so. If I were in a different mood, I would have tried something more exotic, my apologies to the readers.

Due to my rate with, breakfast was included. I arrived as soon as it opened at 6:30 as I was starving.

I took a seat at one of the tables and started exploring the breakfast buffets. To start, there were options for drinks including fresh juices, and cold coffee in a dispenser. It was delicious but had an unbelievable amount of sugar.

Then, I took a look around the food section. There was anything you could have wanted here, don't worry you won't go hungry.

What caught my attention was the pancake station. I ordered some pancakes and one of the waiters told me to take a seat and he would bring it to me. The pancakes were delicious, and the service was top-notch.

As mentioned, there was no charge at the end as breakfast was included

Overall Service

The service was decent at this hotel, a lot better than some of the other places I visited in India when I was there. Here are a couple of aspects that stood out to me.

  1. Very accommodating when I forgot my room number, we laughed together about it 😅

  2. During dining, I found the staff very proactive, offering to deliver the food to my table and checking up on me.

  3. A member of the staff was very kind in taking my picture in the "winter wonderland".

Overall, there is room for improvement, but the service felt warm.

Check-out was swift as I made my way back to the airport

Final Thoughts

The Roseate House impressed me during my two-night stay. A modern setting, spacious rooms, comfortable beds, and nice dining facilities made for a pleasant stay. The rooftop pool overlooking the runways is a fantastic addition combined with the courtyard decorations and plenty of picturesque moments. I would actively seek out staying here again if I made it back to Delhi.


The Room








Value For Money






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