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How To Fly Long Haul Business Class For Under 1000$. Dollar Per Hour 1

Look I get it, these aren't the most efficient routings and not the world's best products so if this isn't for you, all good! However, If you have been following this page for a minute, you know I love finding good deals, it's my passion. I had a browse this weekend as I am planning a trip in April, "Flying To Seoul For Lunch". I was looking to review some Qatar Airways economy as I haven't done that, as well as American Airlines from Tokyo back to LA. Somehow I had to find a way from Europe/The Middle East to Asia. Let's take a look at some good fares I found, and maybe they might work for you!

Fare 1- China Eastern Individual Suite Cairo-Shanghai 986$ OW

To be honest, this is the fare that has piqued my interest the most. The new China Eastern A350 hasn't been reviewed a lot and looks like a fantastic product. For a 10.5-hour flight (padded a bit) in a lie-flat seat, this is an incredible price! If we look at fares out of Europe they tend to be 2-3X the price. If you're not in a rush, you could hop a flight down to Cairo, check out the Pyramids, and then head over to Asia! This represents a value of 95$ per hour roughly.

The best part is you tag on sectors for cheap. Take this, for a couple hundred more add on a flight on their A330 to another nearby destination, or 700 more to Australia on the same A350 product.

For the price, Unreal

Fare 2- Etihad Airways Business Class Jeddah- Jakarta 891$ OW

If you're like me and most of the time not in a rush to get somewhere (the journey is as beautiful as the destination), this fare might be for you. For 11 hours in business class + lounge access, this represents a value of 81$ per hour. For business class, this is on the great side of value.

Have yet to fly with them, I hear great things

While I haven't flown with Etihad Airways, I hear tremendous reports and I look forward to coming on board soon, perhaps with this route next time I go to Bali.

Maybe I'm just weird, but I don't mind flying in economy for a few hours to enjoy the rest of my journey

If you happen to make it to Jakarta, make sure to check out the Four Seasons (one of the best in the world, and starts at 191$ per night!)

Fare 3- TAP Air Portugal Business Class Sao Paulo- Madrid 1138$ OW

Yes, I understand this is over the 1000$ threshold, my apologies. However, for the longest time, I have wanted to try TAP on the A330neo. After extensive research, I found this to be the best fare in terms of dollars per hour. For 11 hours of business class (lounge access), the dollar per hour comes to roughly 103$ per hour.

I would like to try this sometime

Nonstop fares range from 5-7000$ on this route, obscene. I love the colors on this product!

I look forward to trying this soon

It's a shame they closed down the Four Seasons in Sao Paulo, I loved that hotel (W is opening soon).

Fare 4: Gulf Air Business Class Manila- Jeddah 1052$ OW

While the Middle East isn't my favorite place to stay for long durations/holidays (great to visit), geographically, they are fantastic for connections. Although this fare slightly breaks the 1000$ threshold it represents a more fantastic value. Gulf Air is another airline I have been wanting to try, especially their Apex Suites 🥰. The dollar per hour on this route comes out to 84.16$ per hour (not including lounge access). This would mean our second-best deal so far.

Although from what I have heard about Gulf Air, this might be the best deal so far! Just take a look at this product!


Fare 5- MIAT Business Class Frankfurt- Seoul 723$ OW On The New 787

This is another option I am seriously considering. As some may know, MIAT recently took delivery of a new 787 which features a reverse herringbone product. I would like to try this out and the dollar per hour is fantastic. While the layover is problematic there are other dates with a shorter layover, but these consist for now of the 767's😒. If we subtract about 150 for the economy leg (I think that is generous), it comes out to 71.62$ per hour for the 8-hour flight in business. This represents a sublime deal.

Want to try this a lot

It doesn't seem to have all of the amenities of a first-rate carrier, but would be fascinated to find out in person!

Beautiful but basic cabin

Fare 6- Batik Air Business Class Jeddah- Kuala Lumpur 585$ OW

Okay, I don't want to get your hopes up and say this is a fantastic product, because I am not sure. I had a very pleasant flight with them on their 737 (, which means I would be interested in trying this flight on their A330. While this seat doesn't lie flat, the value comes out to 63$ per hour which is decent in our dollar per hour.

I would be fascinated to try this product and update all of you.

I'm not quite sure what to expect

Fare 7- LATAM Business Class Santiago- Easter Island 398$ OW

I saved the best for last, or the one that excites me the most for last. LATAM has had notoriously high fares in business class being one of the sole premium operators in the southwestern hemisphere. When I used to look at flights (it's on my list) to Easter Island they would be outrageously expensive. However, you can fly nonstop with them on a 5-hour and 20-minute flight for 398$. The value comes out to 75$ per hour.

Apparently, there can only be one plane on the ground at Easter Island at a time. Yeah, I really want to go! LATAM business class doesn't look that bad either! I believe they fly their old product on the route, although I am not 100% certain.

At least your feet aren't cramped in somewhere

Final Thoughts

While these deals might not be for everybody, I wanted to share some of the best dollar-per-hour values I came across during my research this weekend. I will be looking to fly some of these products in the near future for under 100$ per hour. Maybe just maybe, you can fit one of these fares in your upcoming trip❤️!



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