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  • Konrad Tillman

My Favorite Breakfast Cafe In Granada, Nicaragua: Kodiak Bagel Shop


During our time in Granada, we discovered a number of different locations for eating, drinking, and going out😂. However, the most heartwarming place we discovered was a little cafe named the "Kodiak Bagel Shop" right near Calzada. If you happen to be in Granada, I cannot recommend this place highly enough.

Located right near our accommodation, our only wish is that we had discovered it on the first day.

Kodiak Bagel Shop outside

The Food

The food at this place is simply marvelous. Everything is homemade, from the bagels to the cinnamon rolls and even the cream cheese!!! There are a variety of different options on the menu, from a simple bagel with cream cheese to a whole breakfast bagel. Other options are on the menu as well, and the prices range from 4-9$.

Food Kodiak Bagel Shop Granada

If coffee is your thing, there are plenty of different options, from a normal cappuccino to an iced latte.

Trust me on this: if you go, you might never go to another spot for breakfast the rest of the time you are there😅.

The People

This is where my heart really warmed up to this place. The owners are a father and son who have dedicated everything to try and make this place work. Apparently, no -one truly believed that they could make this work and gave them six months or so to prove that it could. Turns out, they have made it work!

I'm always all for family business because I feel like I am supporting others, and it's not going straight into the government's pocket.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a good breakfast spot in Granada, I cannot recommend Kodiak Bagel Shop enough! The food is incredible, the coffee is great, and the owners are amazing people. Definitely check it out!

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