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  • Konrad Tillman

Treehouse Rave Granada, Nicaragua: Everything You Need To Know


During our trip to Granada, Nicaragua, the highlight was heading to the Treehouse Rave in Granada. Ordinarily, the treehouse is a hostel in the jungle outside of Granada. However, once a year, they have a treehouse festival consisting of 2 days, some top DJs, and an unspeakable atmosphere throughout the festival.

During the festival period, the treehouse does not accept bookings for staying at the hostel; you have to find your own place to stay in Granada, and they, in turn, provide transport.


The treehouse is located approximately 30 minutes away from downtown Granada. Included in your cost of the ticket (50$ for one day, 90$ for 2 days) is roundtrip transportation on a bus from Granada to the treehouse.

Treehouse Granada bus

Much like the drivers in most of Central America, they drive properly fast. No, the buses aren't the most comfortable, but everyone around on the bus makes it to be a good time. Whether getting lost in the music or chatting with strangers, the time will fly.

Treehouse Party Transportation

Be Prepared To Walk

Once one arrives at the treehouse, it's a decently steep 10-minute hike up to the treehouse. It's not like you have to train or anything but I did happen to come across certain people that had to take breaks.

Treehouse Granada

Once at the top, your ticket is scanned again, and the wristband is verified. Let's just say; it's all worth it at the top. All of the travel by plane, bus, and walking goes away as you witness a sunset that takes your breath away.

Sunset at the Treehouse

The Party

With the festival, the party on Friday goes from 3 pm and finishes up at 6 am the next day. Yes, it's a bloody long night. It's a truly incredible party and not like one I have ever experienced before. When someone thinks of a rave, you're thinking about sweating off molly, not being able to move (squished like sardines), or crazy like Ultra.

Treehouse Party Nicaragua

However, it's not exactly like that. Yes, there is a main dance floor and 3 stages, but there is so much free area to hang out and talk with fellow travelers (or locals).

Perfect vibes

Throughout my time, I met people from all over the world, as close as Mexico and as far as New Zealand. Most of the population that attends are Europeans, but the demographic is large.

Lastly, whenever you are done with the party, there is transportation every hour until the end (after 12pm). Your ticket is valid for any hour on the return.


  1. BRING CASH! They don't accept cards. Beers are 2$ (US), rum and coke around the same, tequila shots 1.50$, and food anywhere from 2-5$

  2. Eat before you come. They ran out of most food by 12 pm, and drinking a lot can help them be on a somewhat full stomach.

  3. It's a long day. If you are someone who uses your phone a lot, bring a portable charger.

  4. Go for sunset (around 6 pm), it's worth it, I promise!

Some things to be aware of:

  1. You are going to a treehouse in a jungle; don't expect all the luxuries you have on land.

  2. Toilets are outhouses; just be prepared for that

  3. Walking up and down between stages and bars is fun, but be careful because I slipped and fell multiple times😅 (it is a jungle...)

  4. Enjoy it, and go with the flow!

Final Thoughts

The Treehouse in Granada, Nicaragua, is incredible. The rave is even more special and nothing like I have ever experienced before. It's almost as if it's a large house party but in a jungle in the middle of nowhere. Don't think, just go! I'll see you next year for round 2 of the festival!



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