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  • Konrad Tillman

Bar/Club Scene In Granada, Nicaragua


If you are heading to Granada, Nicaragua, you are most likely going to be heading to the Treehouse rave if you are there to party. However, during our time in Granada, we discovered that the nightlife isn't solely based upon the treehouse rave, there are other options as well throughout the town.

Let's get into it.

Level One

Level One is the only true "club" per se in Granada. Like most of the bars and discotheques in town, level one is located on Calzada Street. Note to anyone going: Level One is closed on Wednesdays. We went on a Thursday night, and it wasn't too crazy, but it also wasn't dead either.

The DJ Booth is certainly picturesque.

Level One Granada Nicaragua

For your best bet, I would recommend heading there on a Friday or Saturday night to have a good time. Perhaps Saturday, as the treehouse rave is held on Fridays!

In terms of pricing, there was no cover fee when we went, and drinks were in line with another place around the area: 60-ish cordobas for a beer. If you are interested in bottle service, they have a full menu available as well.

The Rest Of Calzada

If you haven't gathered by now, most of the nightlife and restaurants are around Calzada. It's almost like a mini version of Miami Beach and the strip in South Beach (a lot smaller). We found a cute little karaoke bar a block away from level one and both nights we went out, we headed there for a bit. They offer some killer nachos!

Nightlife Granada Nicaragua

However, there are more options just along the strip, all with very similar prices to the places next door.

Final Thoughts

If you are heading to Granada, Nicaragua, and would like a good night out on the weekend, head over to Calazada and check out some of the bars/clubs there. I would stay away from the bars near the water as we met local gangs when we were there, as well as Barcelo, which is by the square as, umm, I'm not going to go any further as to why😅. Hope this helped a little bit!



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