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Staying At Airbnb In Granada, Nicaragua: What It's Like


During our trip to Granada, Nicaragua, we had the privilege of finding a great deal on an Airbnb in Granada, Nicaragua. After landing onboard our 737 flight with American Airlines from Miami to Managua, we made our way over by taxi to the town of Granada.

The Place

The town of Granada is really small, and you can walk from side to side for about 40 minutes maximum. Our spot wasn't in the best location, but it was also 32$ a night; I wasn't complaining.

The first aspect we noticed was that everything was gated. Almost every single property had a door and a gate outside.

Town Of Granada

We found our spot to be very safe. Both doors had a different key, and we never felt like Granada was unsafe at all.

The Place We Stayed

It wasn't the most luxurious place in the world, but once again, at 32$, it was a bargain. The home was equipped with a full small kitchen, a work desk, a bedroom, a bathroom, and most importantly, a water dispenser.

Only the queen-sized bedroom had air conditioning, and keep in mind it gets brutally hot in Nicaragua. There was a fan in the main area, which helped.

Airbnb Granada, Nicaragua

The hosts were fantastic, much like most of the people we came across in Granada. Upon check-in, we were greeted warmly and introduced to all of the amenities. The Wi-Fi was free and good, which was important. They informed us that there was free pool access, but we ended up going to Choco Pool Club instead.

The last part of the small house consisted of one of those couches that turned into a small bed. This is where I ended up sleeping, not that there was much sleeping done😅.

Airbnb Home Granada Nicaragua

Final Thoughts

While this wasn't directed at being a full review, I just wanted to share a quick thought on what it is like to stay at Airbnb in Granada, Nicaragua. It was very pleasant for what it was. While there are hotels, I have enjoyed staying in Airbnb's more and more ever since I went to Cuba because you experience the local feeling more.

Here is the link for anyone looking to stay at this place (no, I don't get a commission).


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