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The Town Of Granada, Nicaragua. Is It Safe?


Some people have asked me what Nicaragua was like, as it seems to be a not-so-frequented destination these days. With this, I wanted to share a quick thought about what Granada was like during my four days there.

So, what did I think of the town? It was very different from the brief experience I had in Managua. To put it into perspective, when we landed, we went to the grocery store in Managua, and a police officer was posted outside with a large shotgun🥴. However, in Granada, the police presence wasn't the same, probably due to it being a much safer town.

Granada Is Beautiful

Much like with Antigua, Guatemala & other destinations in Central America, I found Granada to be just as beautiful if not more. The architecture of the town is gorgeous, with buildings that are breathtaking. Interestingly, Nicaragua was the only country in Central America that was colonized by both the British and the Spanish. The Spanish aspects definitely show, but I'm not so sure about the British aspects.

Architecture Granada, Nicaragua

If you are looking to stay at a hotel instead of an Airbnb, all of them seem beautiful from the outside.

Hotels in Granada, Nicaragua

The People

It seems like there is an unwritten rule in Granada, and from what I heard from locals, this seems to be just in Granada. The people are very friendly here, and as long as you show respect to them and the culture, the respect will be returned. We even headed to a known bar where a local gang hangs out, and all went well!

Statues Granada, Nicaragua

When we would walk around, a lot of people would say hello to us, including a lot of kids, I think, to practice their English...

The one part I will mention is, just like most other countries in Central America, be prepared for people to try and sell you anything and everything from bracelets to, yeah, you know what I mean...

Final Thoughts

Granada, Nicaragua, is a beautiful, safe town with incredible architecture and friendly people. If you happen to be traveling around Central America, I cannot recommend heading there enough! Stay tuned for a look at the Treehouse Rave!



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