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  • Konrad Tillman

Review: Business Class American Airlines 777-200 Miami-New York (JFK)


Following a terrific flight onboard the 737-800 in Business Class and a wonderful 4 hours at the Flagship Business Lounge in Miami, it was time for leg 2 of the day up to New York. The last time I flew on an American 777 it wasn't a great experience. However, on the flight, it might have been my best flight ever on American Airlines.

Route- Miami- New York (JFK)

Seat- 7A

Flight Number- AA2026

Date- March 2nd 2024

Flight Time: 2 Hours 12 Minutes

Price Paid- 477$ (3 Flights)

How I Booked

I was sitting on a lot of trip credit with American Airlines. With one-stop flights from Havana to Los Angeles upwards of 900$ in business class with recliner seats, I found a fare that consisted of a 737 to Miami, 772 to JFK, and the A321T to LAX all for 477$. As someone who loves flying this is an unbelievable deal, if I had booked all three tickets separately it would have come out to 2300$. Here is what the routing looked like for today.

What a deal

Yes, this is a long day of flying, but it would also feature lounge access in Miami (which was incredible) and New York, as well as two legs with beds, including this flight.


After waiting a few minutes to see if I could be upgraded in the lounge, I made my way to gate D25.

A busy day in Miami airport

After a 5-minute speedwalk, I made it to the gate where they were already boarding group 4 only 3 minutes after the scheduled boarding time. I headed through the group 1 boarding lane and moments later was on the way down the jetbridge.

Time to board this bird

I was surprised to see so many gate-checked bags as we were on a 777-200 today.

Including people with high status

The line moved relatively quickly and soon enough I was at door 2L.

A gorgeous day in Miami

We always say touch wood, but it's touch metal with planes!


Upon boarding, I was warmly greeted by a flight attendant (who looked identical to one of my ex-girlfriends, peculiar that😂) and was shown right. Seat 7A is my favorite seat in this configuration due to the small cabin, large footwell, and being the first one off the aircraft.

Very exciting

I was ecstatic to see the B/E Aerospace Super Diamond seat. The reason behind this is that I already have a review in the works of the Concept D seat and the B/E seat is miles better😂.


By 3:26 pm, boarding was complete and the cabin doors were closed. My jacket was offered to be hung up, I could already tell the service would be great.

AA on time?

3 minutes later, at 3:29 pm, the captain came to announce our departure shortly. He expected a smooth flight until descent into JFK.

There was no pre-departure beverage service. However, we ended up pushing back a minute early at 3:39 pm.

The land of AA widebodies

The engines fired up, and we were on our way to the runway at 3:44 pm, racing an A321.

Buckle your seatbelts, we are racing my friend (just joking)

We had a smooth takeoff roll at 3:53. Due to the light load we were wheels up in about 30 odd seconds. Follow the slideshow to see takeoff through pictures!

The views out of Miami were pristine for this afternoon.

Wish I had a night out here 🙂

As you can see on the map, we departed to the East.

What if we just kept going East?

The Miami waters!

The Seat

The B/E seat is my second favorite American Airlines business class seat after the 777-300. Seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, with the outside seat facing away from the middle seats, providing good privacy. Personally, my favorite seat is 7A, but 1A is equally good.

Great seat

In front of you lies the IFE (more on that later), and a tray table that slides out. My only issue with the seat is on long-haul flights when you are trying to sleep on your side, the tray table can restrict movement.

It slides closer to you as well

The footwell is large, especially in the bulkhead rows. At least 5 feet across from my measurements😅.

The Prada boots might be a little big

The seat controls are located on the little pad to the left of you. This design is perfect as you won't accidentally change your seat mode while lounging or sleeping.

The armrest is comfortable as well

Much like BA Club Suites, there is plenty of storage in two compartments to the left. Both you can push open and close.

Perfect for storage of your passport

A reading light is located near your head, as well as a pocket that has the safety card.

Storage is possible there as well

As I mentioned, there was a second storage compartment, which is a little bigger. Inside the second compartment lies an IFE remote and charging port.

A good amount of storage

I tested out the lie-flat seat, even if I didn't sleep. The seat was extremely comfortable, and having done 15 hours in this seat, you will be able to get some good rest on long-haul flights.

A little gap but still great

Dinner Service

The FA came around 30 minutes after takeoff to distribute warm nuts, confirm my meal order, and ask for my drink of choice. After my weird allergic reaction to nuts, I didn't endulge but this was a nice touch.

5 minutes later my sparkling wine and AHA were brought to my seat. The tray table pulls out through a push.

Glassware and all

Ten minutes later, at 4:40 pm, my Short Rib arrived, along with Mac and Cheese, a salad, and a dessert. The Mac and Cheese was the best I have ever had on a plane, and the Short Rib was extremely tender and tasty.

Looks so good

The meal was so good, I demolished all the Short Rib and Mac and Cheese. Out of all the US carriers (minus AC), this was the best meal I have had on a domestic hop.

Where's it gone?

Since the dessert didn't look too appetizing, I headed to the galley to find the lovely FA. On long-haul flights, the galleys are usually stocked with plenty of snacks.

Not today though

I found an FA and asked if he had any Biscoff cookies (I know, but I was craving the flavor). A couple of minutes later the FA brought 3 packs to my seat🥰. What a perfect way to end the meal!

So good

My drinks were constantly topped up throughout the flight with constant warm smiles. I'm seriously wondering where all of this incredible service came from🤭.

The Lavatories

On the 777-200, there is one lavatory in business class that stands out to me, the handicapped one. It's extremely spacious and features a toilet, sink and a few other amenities.

Best bathroom on any AA plane

Surprisingly, all of the toilets were kept very clean throughout the flight and I had to go a lot after all of the coffee and champagne😅.

So clean!

Even the tissues were neat, a rare occurrence on a US carrier! The other amenities which are on long-haul flights were removed, not a problem for a flight of just over 2 hours.

Bassinet if needed


Since this was a domestic flight, no bedding or full headphones were provided as expected. The only amenity that was offered was a pair of earbuds for watching entertainment. These aren't the best but do the job!

Is what it is

The IFE was extensive with plenty of options of movies, Tv shows, and music. The moving map was also fantastic!

There was wifi on the flight, but it was their Panasonic offering which means 29$ for the whole flight, or 19$ for a single hour. Absurd pricing although I didn't mind since the view out of the window is free (not including the seat price😂).

Sunset Approach

At 5:37 pm, the captain came on to announce our initial descent. He mentioned that it might be a little bumpy upon landing due to some weather in New York. Looking out the window, I found an extremely beautiful sunset. What a way to finish up the flight.

If you don't know by now, my two favorite things in life are traveling and sunsets/sunrises. Combining them makes for my favorite aspect of being alive.

The beauty of life

Soon enough, the flaps went down.

A low cloud cover


Once we got through the clouds, we made our final descent into JFK.

It was a disgusting evening in New York (weather-wise).

Hi again home!

We touched down at 6:07 pm on runway 4R. It was a rough landing with the right side wheels touching the runway first, followed by the left. Nonetheless, we were on the ground safe and sound.

We pulled into Gate 34 at precisely 6:21 pm (18 minutes ahead of schedule)!

18 minutes early??

I queued up by door 2L ready to deplane. The FA brought over my jacket and thanked me for flying American Airlines.

Being first one off, I decided to run back to the main terminal to review the Greenwhich lounge.

On my bike

I was greeted with access to the Chelsea Lounge, that review will be posted soon!

Overall Service

Once again, the service on this flight was stellar. This is peculiar as many of my long-haul experiences haven't had good service, and this would be the second flight of the day with flawless service. Here are a few moments that stood out to me.

  1. Greeted warmly upon boarding

  2. My jacket was pro-actively asked to be hung up

  3. The FA always had a smile and checked up on my drinks frequently

  4. The FA headed back to economy to grab me lots of Biscoff cookies

  5. My jacket was given back to me just before deplaning without asking

A 5-star crew here, they seemed quite junior but I would love to fly with them again!

Final Thoughts

This flight from Miami to New York was fantastic with American Airlines. The seat was perfect with a lie-flat bed, plenty of storage, and decent privacy. The food was marvelous and some of the best I have had on a domestic flight within the continental USA. The service was flawless, and smiles and friendliness were displayed. To add on, we departed early and landed early. AA, congrats as this is the best flight I have ever had with you!


Onboard Catering


Seat 7A












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