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  • Konrad Tillman

Act Quickly! Brazil-Japan Business Class Space On Polaris For 75K Miles

Deal of the century? Perhaps it is, perhaps it is not. Name another mileage program where you can get 24 hours in business class for 75K points.

In comparison, let's take a look at if one decided just to book the Chicago-Tokyo route.

Yes, you are reading that correctly. If you fly an extra 10 hours in business class, it 25K miles cheaper (if you can find saver space for both). This deal has been around for a minute, but it has been unavailable for the past few months.


For this specific deal, I am only seeing the 30th of March and the 2nd of April available. There is space on ANA about once a week for the next month but United only releases saver award space at the last minute from Brazil sadly.

United Polaris Product:

If you are interested in reading about Polaris, I recently flew it from San Francisco to Manila and had a superb flight. The lounges are incredible as well! If I weren't heading to Nicaragua in 12 days I would hop on this deal in a heartbeat, especially since I can get down to South America for 600$ one way in premium economy with AA.

United Polaris

Final Thoughts

Perhaps you are in Brazil? Perhaps you want to try Polaris for the best possible redemption on hour per point? This is the best deal to fly United Polaris, but make sure to act quickly!



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