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  • Konrad Tillman

Wait A Minute! Cambodia Angkor Air Closing Its Doors??

Updated: Feb 4

When I was writing my extract regarding the lounge in Siem Reap, I wanted to take a second to look at how many business-class flights were offered from Siem Reap. Ordinarily, I checked flight connections and saw all the routes. However, there was a twist. I saw plenty of routes operated by Cambodia Angkor, but they all said "ending in October"?

Cambodia Angkor Air

Cambodia Angkor Air is a small airline that has two bases. The first one being Phnom Penh and the second being Siem Reap. They offer flights to multiple different destinations but the most iconic flight is from Siem Reap- Phnom Penh and vice versa.

Their fleet consists of 2 ATRs, 1 Airbus A320 & 1 Airbus A321. A small fleet yes, but at the same time Cambodia isn't that large of a country with a population of 16 million across the whole country. While I didn't fly it on my trip abroad I hope to soon, especially if they do end up closing their doors!

OK, So What Is Going On???

So I went to go check on what routes flew business class as I mentioned above and saw every route coming to an end in October out of Siem Reap. I thought that was extremely strange since surely that would be the more lucrative/tourist base of operations with Angkor Wat being there. I then proceeded to check out Phnom Penh and similarly, every route had the same message saying "ends in October".

Final Thoughts

I'm not quite sure what to think of this exactly. Curiosity spikes my mind, do we have another Aitalia situation going on? As Cambodia Angkor Air is partly run by the government are they going to revamp it and turn it into the equivalent of ITA? Or perhaps am I just reading into this all wrong? Are operations completely normal and flight connections has just got me worried? Only time will tell I suppose but I found this interesting and wanted to share.



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