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  • Konrad Tillman

The Fabulous Food In Siem Reap... I Am Obsessed!

While I was spending time in Siem Reap there were a couple of aspects that impressed me. The first aspect was the food and the second part was the bars (more on that next post). For this post, I wanted to talk about two different restaurants that were simply divine.


Kroya restaurant is some of the best food I have ever had in my life, and that's saying a lot. Firstly, how amazing is it that you can eat a set menu swinging from the ceiling?

Dining table for the night

The set menu is around 60$ but since I was starving I opted to have a couple of mains (which came out to more, but so worth it). I started with this pork dish that simply melted my mouth, I was in heaven. Combine this food with the relaxation of Cambodia, it's an energy like no other. An Aperol Spritz helped the relaxation potentially 😉.

Moist Pork

I then continued with the steak dish which was outrageously tender and flavorful (and potentially another Aperol spritz 😉). Seeing that the owner is South African the wine was a good shout to have! I met the owner later and he seemed like a great guy!

The steak doesn't look like it's over-the-top delicious but don't let looks fool you.


After the two mains, I didn't have much space yet but they recommended this coconut dessert which I happily indulged in. Once again, a fantastic dish.

Presentation 10/10

If you happen to be in Siem Reap, I cannot recommend Kroyo enough. Everything I had was nothing short of excellent.

Sokkhak Lounge Siem Reap

The Sokkhak River Lounge is located right in the town overlooking the river that runs through Siem Reap. Throughout my 3 days in Siem Reap, I visited this place 3 times, an average of once per day. Yes, it was that good. I have a vicious addiction to the duck dish they serve, something in the sauce. Prices were reasonable at around 20$ a main dish, keep in mind this is a very touristic area.


And again

I ordered the duck three times in three days it was that good. Moving on they also have lamb which was good but that duck is unbeatable. They also offer warm bread with every meal.


Lastly, this is a sneak peek of the menu for those wondering but you can view the full menu online! As I mentioned here ( the staff at the Lotus Blanc recommended this restaurant to me and it didn't disappoint!


Final Thoughts

If you are headed to Siem Reap soon you have plenty of great options to eat. These are my personal favorites and I hope it helps!



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