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  • Konrad Tillman

Review: Angkor Business Class Lounge Siem Reap (New Airport, SAI)

Following a tremendous stay at the Lotus Blanc Resort ( and a spiritual awakening at Angkor Wat ( it was time to head to the airport to board the first of 4 flights in 2 days. While the flight review will be posted tomorrow this is just the lounge review for now.

New Siem Reap airport

Lounge Location

With the new airport roaring with tourists a lounge had to be opened to accommodate all of the new flights operating. The Angkor lounge I believe is the only lounge for business class passengers in the airport and is located right after you clear security/passport control on the right-hand side. While I don't have any pictures you literally go through the only checkpoint, take a right and it will be on the right-hand side. Head towards gates 1-3.

The Toilets

For this review, we will start off looking at the bathrooms since once you enter they are located immediately on the right-hand side. Extremely modern and clean so don't worry about that area (the whole airport is the same).

After you enter depending on your gender 😉 there will be different types of toilets. Even the mirrors are gorgeous!

For all "shapes and sizes"

After you enter depending on your gender 😉 there will be different types of toilets. Here are some pictures of the stalls.

No other amenities were offered.

The Seating

There is an inside area to sit and an outside area to sit. I personally sat outside for the majority of the time but be wary as it is bloody hot out there! I spent about 2.5 hours in the lounge and at maximum, it was 1/2 full. There are plenty of different options for seating including tables, sofas, and comfy chairs. I sat at a table as I like my space!

The LV bag. This bag should get systemwide upgrades!

As you can see not too busy! Not to worry if you are going!

Some more comfy chairs!

Outdoor Seating

Most of the time I was in the lounge I sat outside. For those who are smokers, you are allowed to smoke on the terrace. Something to note is I only found two tables outside 😅, probably since it was hotter than the actual sun outside (it's a joke). Sadly there are no sweeping views of the tarmac.

When I say two tables outside, I mean two tables and gosh they were small.

The food was decent, we'll touch on that next.

The Food

The food was perfectly acceptable for a contract lounge. There was one main station near the entrance with lots of offerings from Duck which is pictured above, to fresh fruit, to desserts, etc. In all honesty, it's not a place where you can have a full meal but seeing that the longest flight is 2.5 hours it's a perfect place for a snack.

Yummy chocolate cake, although I couldn't dig in since I was trying to stick to some sort of diet.

There were hot options also offered in the containers.

Such as fried vegetables and sweet and sour fish.

The pastries is where my diet went out the window, although they say moderation is key.

Overall I was very happy with the availability of food in the lounge. The duck was delicious as well as the croissant I had. Drinks were also offered from water to tea to coffee.

However, if you were looking for something with a little more boost they have beer and wine on offer at the bar. I didn't want to join the party until the plane as I knew I had to pace myself over the next few days!

Leaving The Lounge

Soon enough it was time to leave the lounge and head to my gate for boarding. I walked out and turned left, then turned right and made it to my gate!

A very pleasant lounge

Final Thoughts

I was thoroughly impressed by the Angkor lounge in the Siem Reap airport. It was clean, spacious, not too busy, and had everything I needed to spend a whole day in there (not that I would). The duck was delicious and held me over perfectly until I ate on the plane to Singapore. I highly recommend this lounge to anyone traveling out of SAI. The only drawback would be no showers.



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