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  • Konrad Tillman

Bar Scene In Siem Reap

For the last extract on Siem Reap, I wanted to talk about the bar scene that I discovered one afternoon after my trip to Angkor Wat. I was pleasantly surprised to see some great offerings in the town, also cheap. Each beer I bought came out to a dollar to a dollar fifty per beer, not bad at all.

Akas Rooftop Pool Bar

My day of going out/relaxing started at Akas rooftop pool bar which is located near Sokkhak River Lounge (a couple of minutes away). It is the only proper rooftop pool bar in the area and is a great place to relax for the afternoon.

pretty colors

I enjoyed a couple of beers in a couple of hours by the pool. There were a few tourists during my time but nothing too busy, just perfect. Prices were standard at about 1.50 a beer and 9$ for a pizza. Although it's not pictured, this is not the place for food. If you are looking for a good recommendation look here (

Pub Street

If you are looking to socialize/go out etc, you probably have come across Pub Street when looking online. This place is the hotspot of Siem Reap with almost anything you can think of. People selling illegal substances, bars, special massages you get the message. I don't indulge in anything but drinking myself so just like any other place in SE Asia it's a "no thank you, have a nice day".

Pub Street at night

And then there is pub street during the day which is a lot calmer. Still expect someone to offer you a ++massage though...


I was able to find a cute little bar and started talking to the manager who let me make my own cocktails. If you don't ask you never know what might happen!

This is my signature cocktail named the "spit or swallow".😅

After one too many drinks at this bar, I headed over to a tequila bar where I met some Australian people and we started having a chat. Not for long though since I had to get back to the hotel to rest for my flight the next day!

There are some bigger clubs/lounges throughout Pub Street but that's not my scene. If that's up your alley don't worry you'll be covered. However, when I walked through it didn't see, that busy, then again I can't make it past 10 pm 😅.

Final Thoughts

There's a very relaxing nightlife in Siem Reap which includes enjoyment but without all the craziness. Pub Street is a great location to go out but if you are looking for an afternoon spot to grab a drink check out Akas pool bar!



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