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  • Konrad Tillman

Recommendation: My Top 5 Premium Economy Products


Premium economy has been on the rise recently, with Emirates opting to refurbish its A380s with a premium economy. We are seeing more and more airlines adding premium economy to more planes, such as with Swiss. In this article we will look at what I consider, to be the top 5 premium economy products in the world. There are plenty of options out there, but I'm confident with this selection.

First Place: Singapore Airlines A350-900ULR

There is no other choice here regarding first place in premium economy rankings. If you are able to snag a single seat on one of the ULR aircraft, it might be the most comfortable long haul flight that doesn't feature a bed in the world. A blanket, headphones, and a pillow are provided and on certain routes, you can use book the cook to pre-order meals!

Does it get any better?

Even if you happen to get stuck in a 2-4-2 configuration, it will be a comfortable ride due to the class that Singapore Airlines serves.

Second Place: JAL Premium Economy 787-9

I haven't flown this product since 2019, but on my flight from Boston to Tokyo, I had a wonderful flight. For starters, if you are flying in Premium economy, you get lounge access! Seats are arranged in a 2-3-2 configuration and are much more comfortable than economy. My small issue with premium economy is that sometimes the upgrade price isn't worth it, I digress. Decent champagne is offered, a couple of meal choices are offered, and mid-flight snacks are offered. Gosh, reading this is making me want to book a flight with them again!

A solid offering

Third Place: KLM Premium Economy 787

KLM's premium economy shows out through their soft product. While the hard product on the 787-9 isn't as nice as the top 2, the food and drink offering is spectacular. There are also some fantastic deals to be had with KLM in premium economy if you are flexible. Take a look at this meal below... YUMMY!

Not bad at all

Fourth Place: Air New Zealand Premium Economy

Air New Zealand is a slept-on airline. With their new business class in the works, combined with a solid premium economy product and a skycouch in economy, you can fly in comfort no matter your budget (mostly)! Premium Economy is featured on the 777 and 787 and offers a tremendous experience. The bedding is plush, the hospitality is on point, and the food is phenomenal. The only reason this doesn't place number 3 is due to the oldish seats (updated cabins are coming soon).

A giant pillow

Fifth Place: BA New 777 Premium Economy

Being English at heart, their might be a little bias here. However, the new BA premium economy on the 777-300 is nothing short of great! The cabin is sleek and modern, the hospitality is the epitome of English service, the food is decent and overall, it is always a pleasure to fly with British Airways!

Another small aspect to note, is out of all the airlines, the chances of being upgraded to business class in one of them would most likely come from BA.

Final Thoughts

Premium economy is a great way to fly if you can either find a good deal or are happy to pay the extra over economy. With this article, I hope you are able to help come to a decision if you have the option of which one to fly. Singapore Airlines and that single seat might be the best way to fly that isn't in a bed! BA, I might have a little soft spot for you😉.



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