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  • Konrad Tillman

Recommendation: My Top 5 Business Class Products In The Sky

Flying Business Class means having a lot of different options considering how many airlines are in the market, especially on high-yield routes. LAX-Tokyo is operated by up to 9 different airlines daily (1 only having First on some days). So let's get into what I believe are the 5 best products.

Number 1: Qatar Q-Suite

Having flown this product many times it definitely feels like a step up over traditional hard products in business-class. The seats are very spacious with a decently sized footwell including closing doors (not floor to ceiling but good height). The bedding provided is what stands out as they have two pillows along with a maroon blanket which is so comfortable. I sleep like a baby flying Q-Suites. Mix all of this with the amazing food they serve onboard and fantastic champagne as well as non-alcoholic drinks it's the best way to fly in business-class. Side note people compare it to some first-class products, I will disagree. The only drawback of flying Q suites is it is possible to get somewhat of a mixed crew which in my opinion makes or breaks a flight. This isn't in a bad way saying they're unfriendly but more in a way of not as personalized. Still, on any given day, a double bed in Q suites would be fantastic.

Number 2: ANA The Room

ANA The Room is on a very few select planes flying for ANA. This product is only featured on 9 77W operating solely out of Haneda to New York JFK, London, San Fran, and very occasionally Chicago. This could be debatably number 1 but due to only 9 planes having this product it sits at number 2. The size of the seat is so spacious from the moment you enter, especially if you are a side sleeper it's perfect. A two-part partition allows for the suite to become private and enclosed. The food and beverage offered are very mid-tier I mean the champagne is Castelnau. The soft product/service is very consistent with an 8/10 while bedding is okay. Realistically the hard product is what stands out as the other aspects could easily be replicated. Overall, a fantastic way to fly if you can get on the product.

Number 3: EVA Airlines

While this might come as a shock to some EVA Airlines is really an incredible product in their Royal Laurel Class. I mean who serves Veuve La Grande Dame in business class? The answer is no other airlines do. The moment you step onboard the hospitality is warming, and the mood is lit with starlit ceilings (77W). I have flown this route from London to Bangkok and I had the most amazing flight. Comfortable pajamas were offered, fantastic food, and thick bedding I woke up rested (maybe a little foggy-headed) in Bangkok. It's not the most private seat nor the most modern but it does the trick and feels intimate. They also have a standout product on short-haul and long-haul routes on the 787-10, very private.

This specific product shown is found on all 777-300's but the 787-10 isn't far behind with how good it is. I would personally avoid the A330 in a 2-2-2 but that's just my opinion.

Number 4: Turkish Airlines

When you think of Turkish Airlines you might think of their 7 abreast configuration which is found on the 777 and certain A330's, valid. However, Turkish airlines have a beautiful A350 seat in both the ex Aeroflot and non-Aeroflot. The ex-Aeroflot aircraft are incredible, similar to Delta One but better. What stands out on Turkish Airlines is the soft product, the food is like it just came out of a full kitchen. While the coffee selection and the friendliness of the FA make flying with Turkish Airlines a treat. There are also some fantastic fares to be found as well on Turkish Airlines.

You can find the A350 flying to various destination but my favorite route is to Jakarta with some very attractive fares.

Number 5: Air France

This could also be seen as controversial especially ahead of Singapore Airlines but I have a huge soft spot for Air France. We then add on the new product that was released especially if you can snag a bulkhead seat. Air France offers a great ground experience in its hubs with a nice lounge at CDG. Once you get onboard the seats on both the 777 and 350 are very spacious in their ways. The 350 features a seat similar to Polaris while the 777 is a reverse herringbone with larger footwells. If you combine with the outstanding food on board Air France squeezes its way into the top 5 business class products.

Honorable Mentions: Starlux, Singapore Airlines, JAL, Oman Air


There are many different products you can choose when traveling business class but I rank these as my top 5 products. What would your top 5 be?



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