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Recommendation: My Top 5 First-Class Products In The Sky

Flying First Class is always a treat no matter if it's your first time or your hundredth time, it still is wonderful. While a lot of airlines are opting to remove first class and implement better business class (such as Qatar), certain airlines promote the first class.

Let's get into what I consider to be the best first-class products in the sky.

Number 1: Emirates GameChanger

I couldn't decide whether to put this at number one or not for one reason. Only 9 planes out of hundreds feature this product. Undoubtedly this is the best First Class product in the sky (besides the residence which is a step up). Hard product the gamechanger features completely floor-to-ceiling enclosed suites as well as all the bells and whistles in the suites. You can even video monitor call the FA to order food or a glass of champagne. Combine this with bottomless Dom Perignon and caviar you are bound to have an amazing flight. Not to mention every seat is a window seat as the 2 center seats have "fake windows" which make you feel like you are sitting in a window. How do you know if you are on this aircraft? The seat map will show a 1-1-1 configuration. I will mention that Emirates First Class just has a feeling of commercialisation now unlike smaller intimate airline first-class cabins. Maybe because they have hundreds of planes with First Class.

Number 2: Singapore First Class Suites

This was a tough choice between this and La Premiere for number 2 but ultimately SQ suites win due to the space it provides. The ground service starts with access to the Private Room in Singapore which provides Comtes Champagne. Then once you get onboard you step into a 50 square foot suite or if you luck out and get a double bed it turns into a 100 square foot suite. The hard product is where this is lacking since SQ could have made better use of the space provided, featuring a relatively hard bed. Each suite features a recliner chair and a fold-out bed. Also to note unlike Emirates, no caviar service is offered on flights shorter than 8 hours. The cutoff is southern Australia. SQ does have a fantastic soft product with service that would outshine any airline.

Number 3: Air France La Premiere

Just slightly behind SQ First Class comes La Premiere. Where La Premiere excels is the ground service, European airlines do this well in first class. Escorted from the second you land at the airport to the lounge to a private car to the plane, really quite amazing. Onboard the seat is nice and features curtains around them (which I am not a fan of would prefer doors). Curtains are better than no privacy but not quite like the gamechanger products which are fully enclosed. This is the reason for the drop to number 3. Air France does excel with the food onboard as it really is top-notch and incredibly presented, especially in First Class.

Number 4: ANA First Class (NEW)

If you had asked me 5 years ago I would have said Japan Airlines would win over ANA First Class. However, with the new seats and exceptional food ANA is a product that deserves to be in the Top 5. The ground service leaves a lot to be desired and if you are used to flashy lounges just remember in Japan it is very simplistic. When you get onboard, the luxurious experience starts. With all the classic bells and whistles of First Class, pajamas, amenity kits, nice bedding, etc. What really stands out is the IFE screen, holy smokes it is large. The food is also incredible but this is to be expected due to being a Japanese carrier.

Number 5: Thai First Class 77W

This might come off as controversial and possibly confusing to some. However, I have had some of my best flights on the Thai 777 First Class. As soon as you arrive at the airport you will be escorted through a private security and have someone carry all of your bags. There is also a private private room which you can access in Bangkok. The hard product onboard leaves some to be desired with not much privacy but I will mention that the best sleeps I have had on a plane have been these on this product. The soft product, well it doesn't get better than this, with the staff being so overly friendly. Having three Fa's kneel at my feet saying thanks for flying is quite memorable. With great food as well I can only say you have to fly this product to understand why it's in the top 5. Lastly, there are only 3 aircraft in the fleet with first-class


While there are many First Class products flying around these are what I rank as my top 5. Like I said everyone has different tastes but these are mine. I hope you find some insight from this post!


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