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Recommendation: My Top 5 Hotels In North America For A Staycation

There are a lot of hotels around the world of course but very few can make me feel relaxed and at home, especially in North America/Caribbean. However, I have put together a list of my top 5 vacation/staycation spots in North America that have been able to do this.

Number 1: Amanyara Turks And Caicos

Well, where do I even begin? I'm not a huge fan of the Caribbean in general due to tourist overpopulation and the lack of service offered by hotels compared to Asia. However, Amanyara blows every hotel out of the water here with some of the best service I have ever come across. There are countless activities so it is impossible to get bored. The food is mouth-watering, while the cocktails hit the spot. The second you land you enter a zen space. The rooms are large with each type being a unique pond, pool, cove, beach, or multiple-bedroom villa. Housekeeping is so good we never saw them once but our room was always kept clean. From Giant pools to an Asian feel, this place is unreal. For those looking to go don't think it comes cheap with rates upwards of 2000$ a night, and they will get you on extras as well.

Number 2: Four Seasons One Dalton

I first stayed at this hotel a couple of months after it opened and since have stayed many times including on a birthday. It sets the bar for hotels in Boston with the highlight being the lap pool in the sky, a beautiful addition. The second you walk in you are treated to high ceilings and a very friendly front desk. Heading upstairs there is a Zuma in the hotel (which can get very busy) as well as the classic amenities such as a gym, pool as I mentioned, and a spa. Getting to the rooms, they are amazing, very spacious, and with the classic Four Seasons bed. If you are willing to splurge a little bit they have some rooms with free-standing baths that I recommend if you are a bath person like me. When I used to stay rates were around 420$ a night starting but now the cheapest seems to be at 590$ and up.

Number 3: Pelican Hill

If you're a golf lover this one might be for you. With a gorgeous all-villa resort set in Laguna, you really can't go wrong with the location or the hotel. Combine that with the amenities on site such as one of the best restaurants in the area and a beautiful place outdoors to relax by the pool, this would be a perfect staycation. What stands out about this hotel is the size of a hotel like this in Orange County along with the great service. I feel like I'm at home when staying, props to the staff. The Ritz in Dana is nice but Pelican puts that to shame. Rates start at 1500+ per night but you are almost guaranteed some sunshine!

Number 4; Live Aqua Mexico City

This is a bit of an outlier as most people definitely wouldn't rank in most Top 50 Hotels but for me, it's a hot number 4. It has everything someone could want and more. The second you walk in it feels like home with amazing staff and a cozy front desk. They are always so kind offering free room upgrades or discounts. The rooms are huge and especially if you can snag a master suite I highly recommend it for only double the cost usually. The amenities are where it shines with Nobu and other top restaurants connected to the hotel along with a spa that will make you oh so happy. Private jacuzzi rooms in a city hotel? Yes, please. It might not be the flashiest but for some reason, it's just perfect. Rates also start at 170$ per night, a bargain.

Number 5: Four Seasons Hualalai

I've only stayed here once but I did have an unbelievable time, especially for somebody that doesn't like Hawaii much. If you're like me this could be the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of a city to a huge resort. Located a close drive from Kona lies the FS. The service at this resort is simply incredible to the point where I was too lazy to go out that they went and got an item I needed for me (for a very modest fee if I remember 20$). It has multiple pools throughout the property, the main one being extravagant, and many restaurants to choose from. They also make a killer vodka milkshake which I can't recommend enough. The rooms are big and nice with an outdoor shower. Just don't do what I did and forget sunblock, whooops. Prices start at around 1400$ a night.


Some might agree and some others might not agree but these 5 hotels have brought me the most pleasure out of the ones I've stayed at in North America. I highly recommend to try them out if you haven't already.


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