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Premium Fare Deals: Dollar Per Hour 6


As you know, I love to find good deals on the internet; it's my passion. Every Sunday, I will release an article called the "Dollar Per Hour" series breaking down some of the best premium class deals at the moment. While I book some of them and don't, my hope is I am able to help some of you fly in comfort for at least half the price.

I would like to apologize for missing last week's series, due to unforeseen flight changes, I was unable to write any content😒. Not all is lost, let's get into some incredible deals for this week!

Deal 1: Barcelona- Los Angeles ITA Business Class 1495$ RT

The deal of the week and perhaps the deal of the month (not including mistake fares). flight between Europe and the US seems to sit around 3-4K for business class but for certain dates, you are able to fly ITA in business class for 29 hours for 1495$ over to LAX. The cost comes out to 51.55$ per hour, representing some of the best deals we have come across the Atlantic.

Best part is...

To add on, for these select days, the A330-900neo is scheduled to operate the route!! I have flown on the A330-200 (ex-Alitalia) and found the soft product to be incredible. I would love to try the hard product of the Neo!

What a seat!

Deal 2: Abu Dhabi- Jakarta Sri Lankan Airlines Business Class 1061$ RT

For the second deal, we are heading back over to Asia. This deal represents terrific value if you need to get from the Middle East over to Southeast Asia as a roundtrip ticket comes out to 1061$! The layovers are minimal which is terrific. The cost comes out to 59$ per hour, representing another fantastic deal! The best part? Dates are almost completely wide open!

For the next month, Sri Lankan seems to be operating a widebody with lie flat seats on the Jakarta route. However, after April it gets switched to a narrowbody with recliners sadly. The hard product on the A330 seems beautiful with reverse herringbone seats.

So fresh and so clean

Deal 3: Kota Kinabalu- Ahmedabad Malaysia Business Class 701$ RT

This could have tangled with the number one spot on fare deals, due to the fact off of these 4 flights, you would obtain 360 tier points with BA. However, the seats don't lie flat meaning the journey isn't as comfortable😒. Anyways, this represents decent value, with the cost coming out to 43.80$ per hour, not too bad!

The MH hard product leaves room for desired results. However, the word on Avgeek Street is the soft product is not too shabby.

Acceptable and much better than economy

Deal 4: Kuala Lumpur-New York Saudia Business Class 2522$ RT

Malaysia is getting a lot of love today for these premium fare deals. 2500$ roundtrip from Southeast Asia to the East Coast of the US is a bargain. What's the catch? There are a couple. Firstly, Saudia doesn't serve alcohol on their planes meaning if you are a mile-high drinker, you must refrain. Secondly, dates are relatively sporadic for the next few months and open up more so towards the third quarter. However, the cost comes out to 60$ an hour, all in a lie-flat bed!

The hard product on SV can be hit or miss. Some planes are equipped with a 1-2-1 configuration, while others are equipped with a 2-2-2 configuration. Make sure to check those seat maps!

Final Thoughts

These four fares comprise this page's sixth round of the dollar-per-hour series. The goal isn't the most direct routing, but the comfiest routing for the cheapest price. We live in a world that is so beautiful and every country has a different culture to offer. This week, we found our best value with the routing originating in Barcelona and ending in Los Angeles for $ 51.55$ per hour. Stay tuned for more routes next Sunday!


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