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Premium Fare Deals: Dollar Per Hour 3


As you know, I love to find good deals on the internet; it's my passion. Every Sunday, I will release an article called the "Dollar Per Hour" series breaking down some of the best premium class deals at the moment. While I book some of them and don't, my hope is I am able to help some of you fly in comfort for at least half the price.

Deal 1: XiamenAir 787 Business Class Manila-Amsterdam 895$ OW

XiamenAir has always piqued my interest, and this deal has piqued my interest even more. The total route consists of 2 and a half hours in business class to XMN, followed by a 13-hour overnight layover, and a 12-hour flight to Amsterdam the next morning. That is 14.5 hours in Business Class from Asia to Europe for 895$. This comes out to 61.70$ per hour.

XiamenAir 787 business class features a reverse herringbone layout in business class, a perfectly decent way to get from Asia to Europe.

Deal 2: Fiji Airways Business Class From Tokyo-Adelaide 917$ OW

Fiji Airways has some notoriously expensive fares since the market to Fiji is decently monopolized. However, they hold the cheapest prices to get from Tokyo to Adelaide in business class. 15 hours of flying as well as a day in Fiji might prove perfect for some! The cost comes out to 61$ per hour, which is incredible.

While the A330 doesn't feature lie-flat seats on Fiji Airways, it is still a fantastic product.

Deal 3: Qatar Airways Business Class Doha-Cebu 890$ OW

This is a fabulous deal that works for Manila as well. Qatar Airways business class is nothing short of spectacular ( with fabulous food and some of the best FA's. Some routes to Manila feature Q suites, so you must play around with the dates. Beware of the QR aircraft swap which I experienced recently😒. The cost comes out to 97$ per hour, the lowest I have seen QR.

Great fare

Having flown the 787-8 in business class, it's not Q suites, but is up there as a great product.

Fare 4: Westjet Business Class From Rome-Vancouver 962$ OW

The reason as to why this fare is last, is due to the sporadic dates. However, if the few dates fit your travel plans, this is a fantastic way to fly from Europe to the West Coast. For 962$, you can experience a fantastic product which I have been dying to try. The cost comes out to 80$ per hour for a great product.

While I have yet to fly Westjet in J, there are raving reviews out there of the seats and the intimate cabin.

Final Thoughts

These four fares comprise this page's third round of the dollar-per-hour series. The goal isn't the most direct routing, but the comfiest routing for the cheapest price. We live in a world that is so beautiful and every country has a different culture to offer. For me, even if that means flying 6 hours out of my way (such as to Fiji) and staying in some place I've never been, I don't view it as a dread, I view it as an opportunity. I hope this article might help you travel those long distances comfortably ❤️. I'll see you next week for number 4!



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