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  • Konrad Tillman

Premium Fare Deals: Dollar Per Hour 4


As you know, I love to find good deals on the internet; it's my passion. Every Sunday, I will release an article called the "Dollar Per Hour" series breaking down some of the best premium class deals at the moment. While I book some of them and don't, my hope is I am able to help some of you fly in comfort for at least half the price.

Deal 1: AeroMexico & Air Europa Business Class Barcelona- SaoPaulo 750$ OW

I stumbled across this fare this week and it seems to have been around for a while. Perhaps you are based in Europe and want to take a vacation to South America, this is the fare for you! Aeromexico seems to have some incredible fares from Europe to South America, but this is the best one!

The cost comes out to 31.60$ per hour, representing our best value on a premium ticket so far!

I have been long interested in flying Air Europa Business Class, it seems decent.

Heard they fly to Caracas as well

Deal 2: Royal Jordanian/CX Business Class Tunis-Hong Kong 750$ OW

The second deal of this week features a fabulous deal from Tunis to Hong Kong. For 750$ you can experience a ride over to Hong Kong, with 2 of the 3 flights in Lie Flat seats! The cost comes out to 47$ per hour, representing tremendous value on a flight to Hong Kong. Perhaps you could incorporate one of the previous deals on the routing back? A roundtrip Business Class fare to Asia for around 1600$ is superb!


While the longest segment operates with a 2-2-2 configuration in Business Class, a lie-flat seat can help start your day of work or vacation feeling 1000x better!

Deal 3: Delta/Latam Business Class Chicago-Sao Paulo 1518$ RT

This is a complicated fare as it has to be less than 24 hours in Brazil. On paper this is terrific value, if only you could book it for a vacation. However, it's not all bad news, if you are looking for a mileage run, this might be perfect. For 1518$, you can fly Latam 777 Business Class, Latam 767 Business Class, and Delta A330 Business Class. The cost comes out to 58$ per hour, for Delta and Latam, this is the best I have come across.

If you are able to score the newer LATAM business class, it will be a comfortable ride for sure!

A Product I am dying to try

Deal 4: South African Business Class Johannesburg-Sao Paulo 1041$ OW

South African Airways dumped prices on this route earlier this week. While the dollar per hour might not be the best on paper, it is rare to see such good prices for a direct flight as airlines always try to upcharge direct routes. You might have to play around with dates, but roundtrip should be double the OW cost. The cost comes out to 99$ per hour, representing good value for a direct flight.

The A330 was upgraded with an additional ETOPS range recently, meaning the business class offering is much better than the 340.

Final Thoughts

These four fares comprise this page's fourth round of the dollar-per-hour series. The goal isn't the most direct routing, but the comfiest routing for the cheapest price. We live in a world that is so beautiful and every country has a different culture to offer. This week, we found our best value so far with the routing originating in Barcelona and ending in Sao Paulo for 31.60$ per hour. Stay tuned for more routes next week. Have a great one to share😊.



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