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  • Konrad Tillman

Why I Love Cambodia In The 48 Hours I've Been Here

I wanted to share a couple of things that have stood out to me since I landed in Cambodia just short of 48 hours ago that have made this place so special.

The Energy

You can feel an energy shift the second you step off of the plane in Cambodia, it feels like a Kingdom, not a country. Immigration is super friendly and everything seems very old school which I am a fan of. You're whole body sort of shifts once you leave the airport and you see the classic side of Southeast Asia with grab drivers asking if you need a ride but you also feel the culture.

The Culture

Walking around Phnom Penh I loved seeing the difference in culture. Monks dressed in bright orange, people happily walking around not complaining and pushing each other out of the way like in the US. Everything seemed quite laid back and peaceful. I have to say I love riding around in the remorque (I think it's called), the tuk-tuk thing with a leg rest.

The Nice Cars

I've been to a lot of countries where there are plenty of nice cars everywhere but this took me aback. Outside of my hotel were a Rolls Royce Cullinan, Buggati Chiron, Mclaren 720, and a GT3RS. Not to mention I saw countless 2022/2023 Cadillac Escalades throughout the country.

How Safe Cambodia Is

In certain parts of Southeast Asia, I sometimes feel a little bit nervous, not of violent crime but petty crime. Honestly, I feel like in Cambodia I could leave my LV bag on the street and no one would touch it. Everyone seems to respect each other which is something we lack in many parts of the world so it is so beautiful to see.

Just How Gorgeous Cambodia Is

I mean Cambodia is truly amazing. I love the color gold and gold seems to be the color to resemble Cambodia. As I was driving up to Siem Reap I saw some roadside stores selling decorations for houses and thought I am going to have a Cambodian-themed house when I am older. All the temples I have been to have taken my breath away by the pure beauty on display. Just take a look at the Royal Palace.

Cambodia is gorgeous and once I return from my trip I will have plenty of reviews to share but for now, I just wanted to provide an update on how much I love Cambodia!


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