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Best Pool In Granada Nicaragua: Choco Spa & Pool Club


For the life of me, I wish someone had given me a couple of recommendations before I headed to Granada, Nicaragua. During our time in Managua, it was so hot that we wanted to use a pool somewhere. After searching online, we came across a couple of different options, but the Choco Spa and Pool Club seemed like the best bet.

Choco Spa & Pool Club is located near the main square (ish). I'll display a map for better directions.

Choco Spa & Pool Club Location

The entrance fee is 6$ per person, which is paid in cash at the entrance gate.

Entrance to Choco Pool

The Pool

The pool is a gorgeous area and the main attraction of this place, rightly so. The pool itself isn't the most clean in terms of water, you can practically taste the chlorine. However, in the case of Granada, beggars can't be choosers.

Choco Spa & Pool Club

During our time there from 3 pm-6 pm, there weren't too many people (maximum of 5 total).

There are a couple of cute locations in terms of seating around the pool. My personal favorite was the hammock; super comfortable and relaxing!

Seating at Coco Pool CLub

However, if lounge chairs are your thing, they have them as well. In regards to towels, Choco didn't provide us with pool towels. Then again, it was 96 degrees outside, so we dried off in minutes😂.


Most importantly, beers... Tona and Victoria were the same price as most restaurants in the area (55 Cordoba) and were brought to us cold!

My mate ordered the Quesadilla (6$), and I ordered a garlic steak with fries and rice (8.50$). Both were phenomenal!

Steak and beer at Choco Pool Club

The highlight of the meal was dessert. Did I mention that an incredible chocolate store was located inside the premises? They have a menu you can have from the pool, which features desserts from the chocolate shop. I opted for the waffles, and my goodness, were they unreal...

Best Waffles in all of Central America

Nahhhh, you could really taste how fresh the chocolate was😜.


The best part of this area consisted of a rooftop to watch the sunset. I was unable to find many good spots to watch the sunset in Granada, but Choco Pool Club worked perfectly.

Choco Pool Club Sunset

We even saw lizards running around on the property next door. The sunset was mouth-watering, or perhaps that was the food doing that 😂.

Best sunset in Granada Nicaragua

Final Thoughts

If you have a spare day in Granada, Nicaragua, I highly recommend checking out Choco Pool Club to ease the brutal heat of this town. With amazing food, unreal chocolate waffles and breathtaking sunsets, this could be a good afternoon activity during a rest day!



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