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  • Konrad Tillman

The Jewel: An Amazing Experience. This Is Why I Love SE Asia!

While I was staying at the Yotel in Changi, which you can read about here (which you can read about soon), I decided to head out and get some comfort food. It had been a long week and saw that there was a shake shack in the Jewel part of Changi. Perfect, since those chicken bites hit the spot every time!

For those wondering, Shake Shack is located in Jewel, moreover on the second floor of the Jewel.

My Fav!

So Why Am I Writing About This

At Shake Shack, they have self-ordering stations, just like at some other locations around the world. When I went to order, I took my credit card and passport card out of my phone case to pay with Apple Pay. I walked away and thought nothing of it. However, when I sat down to wait for my food, an employee came over (he found me) and gave back my credit card and ID. Ordinarily in the States, if that had happened (that's a big if), I would have canceled my card immediately. This is not a rant over who are the nicer people, I just wanted to share the kindness and caring that was displayed at Shake Shack in Singapore.

Touch wood, but I haven't had any weird charges yet on my card!

I headed back to the Yotel with my food and thoroughly enjoyed my burger and chicken bites!

Thank you, Shake Shack, for going above and beyond.

Suffice it to say, that throughout my travels in SE Asia, I have met some of the friendliest people and their families. I notice a huge difference surrounding the aspect of family, especially in Vietnam. However, I will post a different thought about that in the future!



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