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Staying At An Airbnb In Belize City. My Thoughts


Upon flying in from Panama City onboard the Copa Airlines 737-700, I had one night to kill in Belize City before an early morning flight over to Caye Caulker. Looking at hotels, I couldn't seem to find one for a good price that piqued my interest. However, I was able to secure an Airbnb that was only a 7-minute walk from the municipal airport, which was amazing!

Let's get into it!


As mentioned in my previous post regarding safety in Belize City, I actually had no idea that I would be staying in the "safer area" of Belize City when I booked this accommodation (I am a very go-with-the-flow traveler).

Amazing location near the airport

TBG Bed and Breakfast is located minutes away from the airport and minutes away from the restaurant "Lucca". You will feel completely safe when staying here. Heck, I was walking around at 11 pm on a Friday night barefoot😂 (maybe I am just stupid sometimes, but you get my point).

Incase you are worried about security, everything is gated...

Airbnb safety Belize City

The Rooms

I believe TBG Bed and Breakfast has 5 rooms split across two floors. The host, Guillermo, assigned me the last room on the top floor.

Entrance to Room

The views in the morning from the balcony were remarkable. Nothing quite like the energy in the Caribbean (I know it's not in the Caribbean, but it feels like it).

Caribbean vibes

The bed was comfortable and spacious. Nothing like the Four Seasons bed, but let's be realistic; we are in Belize City...

The air conditioner Unit is a lifesaver as well.

Bedroom Airbnb Belize City

There was a vanity mirror, television and a small table to store bags as well.

Not bad at all. Don't ask why I am in a suit

If you work remotely, there is a perfect desk by the window for doing so. A shame I was a bit too hungover to do any blog writing😅.

Am I hungover? Hangover is I

Storage for bags

The bathroom consisted of a shower and a toilet. Both functioned perfectly well, and I had no issues with hot water. Guillermo provided me with two bath towels, two medium-sized towels, and two hand towels.

Shower Airbnb Belize City

Toilet Airbnb Belize City

The Host

Looking at Airbnb or hotels, you have hundreds of options for where to stay in Belize City. However, what makes this property so unique is how nice the host, Guillermo, is. He cooks a complimentary breakfast consisting of fresh eggs and warm bread every morning for his guests (of course, fresh coffee as well). He has lived in Miami previously, so he understands American culture (if you are American) and is genuinely a lovely person to talk to about life.

Guillermo also provided Wi-Fi on a small sheet of paper. It seemed to work decently throughout my time, at least good enough for streaming.

Wifi Airbnb

However, my favorite part about this Airbnb is when I woke up at 7 am for my 8:30 am MAYA Air departure; I strolled out of bed, grabbed a coffee, and walked barefoot to the airport. What a life.

Walking to the airport is the dream

If you plan on heading to Caye Caulker or San Pedro, you might as well book this Airbnb and save money on the flight out of the Municipal (flights are 59-99$ compared to 157$ from the main airport) (taxes).

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking about where to stay in Belize City, check out TBG Bed and Breakfast, as I had the most wonderful stay with Guillermo. A healthy breakfast consisted of fresh eggs and coffee, fantastic air conditioning, beds that gave me good sleep, and being able to walk to the airport and restaurants. Yes, please!

Here is the link (no, I do not get a commission)



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