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  • Konrad Tillman

A Good Restaurant/Bar & Grill Belize City: Lucca


During my one-night stay in Belize City, I decided to eat at a place called "Lucca," right on the water. I wish someone had given me a recommendation before I arrived, so here is one for anyone who needs it!


The restaurant, "Lucca", is located about 15 minutes from the airport by foot, or 2 minutes by driving.

Belize City restaurant location

In all honesty, if you head over to the seaside by "Lucca," you will find plenty of restaurants and bars around.

The Food

The food that I had there was simply fantastic. Prices were more expensive than in other countries I had been to, with the main coming out to about 15$ USD. It is cheaper than the US, but not as cheap as Nicaragua or some other countries I have visited in Central America.

Chicken Pesto Pasta

My favorite food in the world since I was a kid is chicken pesto pasta. This specific chicken pesto pasta with garlic bread was unbelievable!

Combine that with the countless Belikins that I drank, it made for an amazing night.

Ice Cold Beer

The Vibe

Here is why I really liked this spot, though, the vibe. With lots of tourists and locals, hearing the waves crash in the ocean, watching the playoffs, and everyone having fun, it was perfect.

Lucca Restaurant Belize City

Do you ever get that overwhelming, relaxing feeling? I got it as I enjoyed a beer on the beach, listening to the waves crashing outside of this place.

Final Thoughts

If you need a good spot for dinner in Belize City, check out the restaurant "Lucca". It is in a safe area and conveniently located, with good food and great beer. It seems to be in line with the majority of the prices around Belize, with about 15$ for a main course and 3$ for a beer.

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