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  • Konrad Tillman

Review: Singapore Airlines Business Class Lounge Terminal 2

After an interesting stay at the Yotel in Changi which you can read about here (, it was Christmas Eve!!! I had to find my way from the Jewel to Terminal 2. When I checked the night before, the app showed the departing flight from Terminal 3 but it ended up being Terminal 2. Either that or I misread my app from exhaustion 😅.

The lounge was easy enough to find, take a left when entering through the electronic passport station and up one floor. It will be right in front of you.


The Singapore Business Class lounge in Terminal 2 is quite a compact lounge for the number of passengers that use it. Thankfully, due to it being Christmas Eve day, it was relatively quiet at 4:30 am.

Only a couple of passengers were here at this hour.

The brown leather chairs weren't necessarily very comfortable and reminded me of a retirement home.

Nonetheless, there was still plenty of space to sit down.

There was also a room off to the side that featured more solo seating.

Pictured below are the dining room tables, which feel like the communal Wagammaa in terminal 5 (shoutout to my English people).

However, with no one in the lounge, I found (in my opinion) the best spot in the house (lounge). These chairs look a lot more "premium" and feature a table to put my laptop on for working.

Much more pleasing to look at!

Some might call be obnoxious for taking up 4 seats but I promise it didn't get too busy!

Not as sterile

Other than a couple more seats around the dining section that's pretty much it. Considering terminal 2 isn't exactly the "premium terminal" for Singapore Airlines, it certainly shows in this lounge offering.


The food and drink selection was considerably better than the seating offering. There is sort of a "dining room" located on the left when you walk in.

While I had a giant meal the day before at Shake Shack, I decided not to indulge in breakfast this morning. However, there was a variety of options. Needless to say, you won't go hungry.

A boujee cantine

Okay, I might have enjoyed a singular croissant!


There were a variety of juices also offered along with oat milk and chocolate oat milk. Guess there must be a health craze in Singapore. Side note, there is no way chocolate oat milk is healthy. Wouldn't the chocolate just contradict the loss of calories from real milk? Or maybe because of lactose intolerance, yes KT, that makes more sense.


For the responsible adult at 5 am, there are cold pint glasses for those looking to enjoy a beer. I love seeing this as it makes a huge difference!

Singapore Airlines, you have saved yourselves! Free-flow Tattinger was offered in the lounge, a great champagne. I enjoyed a couple of glasses to go along with my cappuccinos. Not together, no need to call mental health services on me.

Another picture for champagne o'clock 🍾.

What my brain really saw after a couple of glasses, Joking of course

Speaking of cappuccinos, Singapore offers two coffee machines where no matter how smart you are, you can make a coffee.

You press the button, wait 30 seconds, and magically a coffee appears!!!!

I grabbed my coffee and champagne proceeding back to my palace for an hour.

The charging port was a bit annoying but is what it is.

I should get this bag and a passport!

The Toilets

Located behind the dining room, I found a hallway that led toward the washrooms.

Image for reference

Eventually finding the door that would take me to the stall.

Proceeding onwards, I found the sinks first.

Feels a bit like a nice hospital

With some pretty basic amenities in my personal opinion. I did like the fact that shaving kits were offered, although there was only 1?

The men's bathroom features two types of lavatories. I prefer the stalls. The first picture is of the handicapped stall.

While this is a normal stall, which features a hose 🤭.

If you are interested in taking a shower, I saw signs for a shower but having just had one at the Yotel, I passed up on the opportunity.

To conclude the bathroom review, I will start by saying it was quite a bit underwhelming. I understand this isn't the flagship lounge but this is one of the busiest airports in the world and Singapore is one of the best airlines in the world. The toilets could use a revamp to look more like the Private Room toilets!

Final Thoughts

In all honesty, this lounge needs some work done. With the amount of Singapore Airlines flights that depart E and F gates, you would think that the lounge would be bigger and more modern. I felt that my lounge experience in Siem Reap was better ( It's not all bad however, I was able to find a nice place to spend a few hours, the coffee was good and they serve Champagne. Out of all the lounges I visited in Changi over the next two weeks this was the worst. Don't worry though Singapore as your private room ranks as my best, review of that soon!!!



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