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Premium Fare Deals: Dollar Per Hour 9


Welcome back, everyone. It's Sunday (or Monday, depending on where you are), and you know what that means! It's time for the weekly Dollar Per Hour series. This week, we have 4 decent long-haul fares!

As you know, I love to find good deals on the internet; it's my passion. Every Sunday, I will release an article called the "Dollar Per Hour" series, breaking down some of the best premium-class deals at the moment. While I book some of them and don't, my hope is I am able to help some of you fly in comfort for at least half the price.

Deal 1: Madrid-Bogota Latam 787 Business Class 1456$ RT

The best deal we found this week is on LATAM or Iberia from Madrid-Bogota (or the reverse also works) for just over 1400$ round trip in Business Class. This is a rare gem to be able to find LATAM Business Class for only 70$ per hour, as it is traditionally a lot more. If you are heading from the Americas to Europe, this could be terrific value to get you there in comfort, especially with the summer prices!

The best deal this week

Having flown the LATAM 787 Business class for 12 hours, I rank it in my top 5 business class products! You'll be in for a comfortable ride.

LATAM 787 Business Class

Deal 2: New York- San Juan United Polaris "First Class" 675$ RT

Typically, I try not to post too many US fares, but this could be a great use for a weekend vacation in Puerto Rico. United has filed a fare that can take you on a 767-400 with lie-flat seats in both directions for 675$ RT. This comes out to about 84$ per hour, but down to the Caribbean, in lie-flat seats, represent a solid deal.

Great fare from United

I have flown the 767-400 to Hawaii, but this was before the blog started. I have reviewed the 777-300, which is a very similar product, and this will be the perfect way to start your vacation in Puerto Rico!

United Polaris IFE

Deal 3: Bogota-Honolulu AA Business Class 1544$ RT

This is an interesting one as it isn't directed at people who want either luxury or the quickest routing. However, this fare will provide 560 tier points on British Airways when crediting them. Better yet, it comes out 49$ per hour, which is good value when trying to rack up the tier points.

That's a whole lot of tier points

Having flown American Airlines countless times on their narrowbodies, it isn't a bad experience at all. Obviously, if these were widebody operated, it would be better, but beggars can't be choosers.

American Airlines domestic service

Deal 4: Tunis- Johannesburg Qatar Airways 1714$ RT

Qatar Airways is one of the best airlines in the world, which means that their business class typically does not come cheaply. However, QR recently filed a fare that allows up to 26 hours in their business class for 1714$. At 65$ an hour, this is fantastic for Qatar Airways. However, there are a few limitations to be aware of, such as there is no Q Suite on the route, and Tunis can be more of a bother to get to than other destinations. Just bear that in mind.

Great Qatar Airways fare

While I haven't reviewed the "other business class" on Qatar Airways, I have flown it, and it's great! The soft product remains the same as the Qatar Q-Suite product as well!

Qatar 787

Final Thoughts

These four fares comprise this page's ninth round of the dollar-per-hour series. The goal isn't the most direct routing, but the comfiest routing for the cheapest price. We live in a world that is so beautiful, and every country has a different culture to offer. This week, we found our best value with the routing originating in Bogota and ending up in Honolulu for 49$ per hour for a tier point run. We found a couple of other good deals, like Qatar Airways business class and LATAM for 70$ per hour! Not bad at all!


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