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  • Konrad Tillman

Review: My Best Flight Ever On American Airlines! Dallas-Phoenix Business Class A321neo


Following a decent flight onboard the American Airlines 737-800 from San Salvador to Dallas, it was time to take the second of three flights to get back to Los Angeles. This flight from Dallas to Phoenix was one of the best flights I have ever taken and the definition of how I wish every flight was like flying.

The routing for this trip is as follows:

AA2129- Los Angeles-Miami Economy 787-8

AA532- Miami-Managua Economy 737 Max 8

Tica Bus- Managua- Honduras- San Salvador

AA1035- San Salvador-Dallas Business Class 737-800

AA1159- Dallas-Phoenix Domestic First A321neo

AA1668- Phoenix-Los Angeles Domestic First 737-800

Route- Dallas (DFW)-Phoenix (PHX)

Plane- Airbus A321neo

Seat- 5A

Flight Number- AA1159

Date- April 10th 2024

Flight Time: 2 Hours 33 Minutes

Price Paid- 483$ (3 Legs)

With all that said and out of the way, let's get right into the review and why it was so incredible!

How I Booked

With Managua fares being outrageous and deciding I wanted to travel through Honduras, I was able to snatch up a great fare on American Airlines to fly Salvador-Dallas-Phoenix-Los Angeles, all for about 480$ per person.

A fantastic deal

I could have one stopped in Dallas. However, this would allow me to see some friends in Phoenix and get me closer to status on BA!!! Overall, 3 legs for 483$ isn't a bad deal at all.

Transit In Dallas Fort Worth

Breezing through immigration in Dallas, we headed out of the airport for a couple of minutes to get some fresh air. This meant we had to head back through TSA to get back into the terminal. At this hour (7:30 pm), it was a quick encounter.

Dallas Fort Worth Terminal

The sun was going down, and we watched it set over this 777-300 bound for London. What a view.

Dallas Sunset

Every 15 minutes, there was a gate change😅, so we ended up running around the airport in circles.

American Airlines Dallas

After enough of walking around in circles...

American Airlines Dallas Terminal

We found our gate, D36. I will never understand why people line up for boarding if they are in groups 6-8 (I saw boarding passes). They called group 1, and then most of the people in the picture just stood still.

Boarding American Airlines in Dallas


Boarding began at 9:04 pm and we were walking down the jetbridge a couple of minutes later.

Jetbridge Dallas Fort Worth

It was a little busy, but a couple of seconds later, we made it onboard.

Boarding flight number who knows at this point😅

A trustworthy knock on the metal, and we were warmly greeted by an FA who would go on to be my friend to this day.

Oneworld Logo is beautiful

5A and 5C were our seats today. I've come to prefer the last row on the domestic American Airlines planes due to its privacy.

American Airlines Domestic First

All of the American Airlines narrow-body fleet has this same seat in a 2-2 configuration (minus the A321T). If you are interested in a detailed look at the cabin, check out my review from Havana to Miami.

Passports on the table, mine isn't that skinny don't worry

Next impressive aspect...

A different FA came around to take our drinks order during boarding. With a full flight and jam-packed boarding, she was somehow able to deliver pre-departure beverages to everybody by 9:20 pm (15 minutes after boarding).

PDB always hits the spot


Pushback was pretty much on time at 9:39 pm.

Beautiful evening to fly

At 9:52, we departed South, followed by a right bank to the west.

Drinks/Snack Service

Due to the late departure, most of the cabin was sleeping during this flight.

A quiet cabin on American Airlines

But.... due to an upcoming long night in Phoenix, we opted to indulge in some champagne offerings.

Champagne on American Airlines Domestic First

And once there was no more champagne left, we enjoyed some beer😅. It was my friend's first time flying in "First Class," so he was sort of blown away at the free drinks🙂. It's always fun to be with someone during their first (that's not what I mean) premium experience flying.

American Airlines sparkling wine

The FA, which we will touch on in the next part, was simply phenomenal. He grabbed us each a handful of Biscoff Cookies, which were delicious as always!

Biscoff Cookies American Airlines

The Rest Of The Flight/Service

At this point, you're probably thinking, this sounds like a good flight, but if this is your best, your best probably isn't that great😒. Well, allow me to explain.

Midway through the flight, I decided to head to the lavatory. Upon exiting, I began speaking to a flight attendant in the galley. We talked and talked and talked until we were on initial descent. He is one of the nicest men I have ever spoken to, and to this day, we are connected on Instagram!!

Before landing, he brought around something that I had never received! One of the cards is usually for elites! Considering I have no status, this was an unbelievably nice gesture and a card that I will cherish until I die.

American Airlines Elite Card

For the sake of not getting him in any trouble, I will not mention his name. We explained to him we would be having a long night in Phoenix, and he prepared us with a goodie bag to leave the plane. Another first for me! (Nor will I mention what was inside😂)


By 9:41 pm, we were on initial descent. Wait, if we took off at 9:52 pm, does that mean we times traveled 😂?

We touched down at 9:59 pm at Phoenix Sky Harbor. Oh, how many memories I have of this city😅.

We pulled up right next to this cool little livery on a fellow A321

Cockpit Visit

Did you think the flight was done? The FA has arranged for us to visit the cockpit upon gate arrival.

There were 4 crew in the flight deck (2 deadhanding), and I got into a conversation with the captain from Ethiopia. I mentioned how excited I am to visit next month!

Cockpit A321 American Airlines

We found out a couple of bits of information regarding the flight.

  1. 25knot headwind upon landing meant a rough nosewheel touchdown.

  2. ILS was the original approach, but the captain requested a visual approach

All fascinating stuff!

Final Thoughts

Minus a meal service, this flight was simply perfect. With unlimited drinks, a cockpit visit, talking about aviation, and meeting a new friend, I could not have asked for anything more. Combine that with a card I have always dreamt of receiving; this was the epitome of what I think flying is. I am grateful to the FA and to American Airlines as I have been enjoying their flights more and more recently.

Regarding the seat, I think the seat is great. Either that or my bottom is getting too used to it 😅. Flying with someone you know next to you makes a big difference as well. In terms of food, I knew that, going into the flight, there was no meal, but extensive snack options were offered, as well as unlimited biscoff cookies.


Snack/Drink Service


Seat (5A)




Ground Experience


Overall Service






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