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  • Konrad Tillman

Caye Caulker: Here Is Why I Love It


Upon arriving on my incredible flight with Maya Air from Belize City, I knew that Caye Caulker was special. There is something in the air in Caye Caulker that makes you not just relaxed but also gives you a feeling that nothing else matters in life. The second I was walking from the airport, I noticed an outdoor yoga class to the right of me and everyone driving golf carts.

Let's get into it!

There Are No Cars

The major aspect that stood out to me about this island was the fact that no one drove cars😱. Seriously, during my 24 hours there, I saw one gasoline-powered vehicle, and it was a work truck😂. So, what does everyone drive, including tourists? Electric-powered golf carts!!

Personally, I am a huge fan of this. There are limited crazy drivers and everyone is just vibing out in golf carts. Tourists have the option of renting either daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on how long they are staying. Okay, even taxis are golf carts😂.

Taxi in Caye Caulker

However, if you aren't a fan of driving golf carts, everyone bikes around the island (under the influence most of the time at night). It's fantastic vibes all around!

Water Activities

I did a lot in 24 hours, sort of what some people do in a couple of days. When I first arrived, I headed out on a boat to swim with sharks (I'll talk about this in a future post). However, I also opted to go on a jetski for 30 minutes and it was a blast!

Jetski in Caye Caulker

This is where I met a bunch of locals who I will be going back to visit in July, hopefully for Lobster Fest! The company was great (they are the only one on the island), and this is an activity I highly recommend doing.

The Overall Vibe

Having been to quite a few places (I like to think), it is very hard to find a place that has it all. Caye Caulker has something for every person of any age. Whether you want to go out, do yoga in the mornings, or have a beer in the ocean (yes, a beer in the ocean), they have it all.

Beer... in the ocean??

If you are into street food, every day there are people preparing some of the best street food (about 7$ USD for one plate) you will have in your life. This chicken just melted my heart and mouth.

To not wear shoes for 24 hours is one thing, but the message behind it is what's deeper. Anything flies and there is something for everyone!

Cruising out of Caye Caulker

Final Thoughts

Every time I go to a new place, my brain categorizes that place into one of three options. These are, "I won't go back", "I will go back eventually but no rush", and "I need to go back soon". Caye Caulker leaves me with the "I need to go back soon". The people are friendly, and the way of life is like no other. At the same time, don't tell anyone else, as we don't want it turning into San Pedro🥴.

Drop a comment if you've been. Would love to hear your thoughts!



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