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The Best Pizza In Nicaragua: Monna Lisa Pizza Granada


After a flight onboard American Airlines from Miami to Managua, we made our way over to Granada for a couple of days. During this report of the trip, I wanted to touch on a couple of good restaurants we came across during our time.

The first one is Monna Lisa Pizza, located right on Calzada on the block closest to the lake. I'll the map show the location.

Monna Lisa Pizza Location

The Setting

The restaurant setting is very relaxed, with indoor and outdoor seating. We didn't find that there was much of a wait, and we quickly were seated outside at a cute little table.

Monna Lisa Pizza Granada

Beers are about 60 Cordobas, more or less about 1.60$ for those that don't know the conversion. My personal favorite is Victoria, but Tona will do as well😅.

The Food

No joke, the food here is unbelievable. Outside of New York, this might be some of the best pizza I have had overseas...

Something about this pizza is that the sauce is perfect, not too much cheese and the crust is just perfectly done. I came back here a second time because it was that good😳.

The Pizza at Monna Lisa Granada

Another amazing part is how the pizzas range from 7-11 USD, which isn't bad for a pizza of this size and quality. The other options on the menu consisted of pasta tiramisu and other traditional Italian dishes. However, a jamon pizza is my go-to when it comes to pizza🙂!

Final Thoughts

Whether you are in Nicaragua, heading to Nicaragua, or just curious, Monna Lisa offers the best pizza in Granada, Nicaragua. With good prices and a cute setting, I highly recommend stopping by if you are in town!



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