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American Airlines New Pet Policy


Ordinarily, this isn't a topic I would cover. However, on a previous flight I had taken in the last 6 months, there was an issue with a dog, so I thought it was a good topic to cover!

American Airlines has just announced that they are making it easier to bring a pet on board.

Dog On A Plane

New Regulation

At the end of last month, American Airlines updated their website to say that there would be good news for pet owners. Previously, if you wanted to bring a pet onboard, you would have to pay the 150$ fee to bring the furry friend onboard and check in the rest of your carry-on luggage. This meant if you had no status, you would be paying at least 150+35 to check your other carry-on luggage.

However, with the regulations, pet owners are able to bring not only a small dog onboard but a carry-on or personal item as well. The original 150$ fee remains unchanged, but now one doesn't have to check in their personal item/carry-on item. Therefore there is no need for a 35$ fee!

My Thoughts

Personally, I am not a fan of having dogs on planes just because I am slightly allergic😅. However, I will also say that usually, dogs are better behaved than people, especially on Los Angeles-Miami flights😂. I have had more people kicked off flights than dogs having accidents.

In the past 10 years of travel, I have noticed more and more dogs ending up on planes. American Airlines has announced a new policy here that I think is good as it makes sense; the personal item goes above, and the dog stays with you. However, I sort of wish that there was a separate hold on planes, such as a compartment in the back where dogs could go and relax. Pet owners would still have access and passengers also wouldn't be able to complain. Just an idea, that's it!

Final Thoughts

Even if I might be slightly allergic to dogs, I think this is a positive move and a move that makes sense by American Airlines. Allowing owners to bring one item onboard with them is a good idea and helps bring down the cost of bringing a pet onboard.

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