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  • Konrad Tillman

Review: Copa Club Business Class Lounge Terminal 2 Panama City Tocumen


Copa Airlines has two lounges in Panama City Tocumen airport. The first one I recently reviewed can be found here. However, the second one (this one) is the better of the two by far!

The Copa Club in Terminal 2 comes equipped with more seating, more drink options, and an overall more aesthetic vibe.

Let's get into it!

Location And Access

The Copa Club Terminal is located right next to this stall. If you head out of security from Terminal 2 and hang a right, just look for the large escalator.

Copa Club Lounge Terminal 2 Location

This very long escalator is what leads up to the Copa Club entrance.

Copa Club Panama

If you are not a fan of escalators, an elevator is available as well.

I don't want to be lazy though

Copa Lounge Entrance

In regards to access, I was granted access due to my Business Class ticket to Belize, as well as the inbound from Los Angeles. However, access should be open to those who hold Star Alliance gold status as well! The best part, they take priority pass!

Does anyone know what this means?


There is plenty of seating in this lounge. This place is massive! One aspect where I will give full credit to Copa on, is their design of this lounge. However, it is so big that it feels like a bit of a maze, to me at least that is.

Copa Club Terminal 2

It's a maze!

Towards the back, there is a cinema room, which was constantly occupied during my time there. It seemed like this was the spot to hang out, with the comfiest chairs and laid-back vibe.

Cinema Room Copa Club

There is a terrace, very similar to the Star Alliance Lounge at LAX, that features plenty of seating. During the hours of 11-1, it remained quite busy. However, after that, it started to die out.

I like this space a lot

This lounge doesn't have the sweeping views that the Copa Club in Terminal 1 has, but it does have a minimal view out over the apron.

View From Copa Club

More Copa Club seating


The Dining Room is located at the very back of the lounge and features the same lackluster offerings as the Copa Club in Terminal 1.

Dining Room Back Entrance

As mentioned, the options were not the best. However, it was presented a lot better at least!

Food at Copa Club

Food at Copa Club

Food at Copa Club

A lot of bread going on

Drink Options

The bar was quite a bit nicer over at this lounge, not the quality but the vibe.

Bar at Copa Club

I continued with my mimosa trend as I took a seat. They weren't too bad at all😱.

Mimosas in Panama

Throughout the lounge, there were stations consisting of soda machines and coffee machines. The best part is that there were actual mugs for coffee this time!

Copa Club

Other Amenities

In this specific lounge, there were even more amenities, including a nap room (which was full the whole time), a couple of showers (which I couldn't get into), and even a business center.

Amenities Copa Club

I like the concept of having all of these amenities in the lounge. However, if someone is not able to use them within 2 hours, what is the point?


Compared to the service in the lounge at Terminal 1, this lounge fell short. Not that people weren't friendly, but there was very limited personal interaction. For example, at the bar, it took a decent minute to get a drink.

Bye Copa Lounge

Just like that, it was time to leave the lounge and head back over to Terminal 1 to board our 737-700 over to Belize City!

Final Thoughts

The Copa Club in Terminal 2 is quite a bit better than the lounge in Terminal 1. Even if you are departing from Terminal 1, I recommend taking the trek over to the Copa Club in Terminal 2 for better seating, a better bar, showers, real coffee mugs, and even a cinema room.

However, it's not all good news. This lounge faces a serious overcrowding problem. Perhaps this is due to Copa Airlines selling cheap Business Class upgrades, as well as taking Priority Pass. The food options are not great, to say the least, and the service is very average.



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