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  • Konrad Tillman

Why Extensive Travelling is Not All Glamorous

Oftentimes people tell me "Oh must be nice to always be flying and staying at all of the top hotels". Fair enough, it is fun, but what people fail to see is really how much energy it takes to do all of these trips. While the past few days have been fun I wanted to share the physical and mental toll it takes travelling extensively.

You eat where you can and sleep where you can with no set schedule or routine. There have been a couple of nights where I have been so tired I fell asleep on top of the bed. There have been a couple of times I haven't eaten all day such as when I was driving from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. Countless times waking up long before the crack of dawn. So if you're someone who relies on routine I would space out travel more. Below is a picture of the Yotel which I slept on top of the bed in Singapore Changi.

Yotel Changi

Thankfully I am a terrific airplane sleeper, which helps, but predominately these flights have been short-medium haul flights, and with trying to review the products I haven't been able to sleep.

Another aspect to add on is to have your affairs for the next day, the day before. Extenuating circumstances will arise so I have had to make sure to have visas printed, bags packed, etc.

If flying business class or first class, lounges are your best friend. I must have spent 24 hours in lounges in the past 9 days and they have saved my life. Showers, decent food, and most importantly champagne 😝. Take every opportunity you have to relax in the lounge.

Treat Yourself. This is not said enough for people who travel a lot but the small things add up. Me, I love massages so in each country I have gone to I have gotten a massage which has helped me to de-compress. Even maybe treating yourself to a hotel driver instead of an uber is simple and less hassle.

Anyhoo extensive travelling is tiring and making sure you take the right steps to stay healthy is critical!



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