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  • Konrad Tillman

Initial Thoughts: Singapore 777-300 Business Class Singapore-Jakarta

For the next part of my trip, I had the opportunity to fly down to Jakarta in Business Class on the 777-300 by Singapore Airlines. Let's just say I am shocked as to how good it was, perhaps better than the first-class flight I was on today with Singapore Airlines. While I will not have a detailed review until I finish this trip I'm on, it was a splendid flight.

Let's get into it.

The Seat, Wow, So Spacious.

I hadn't ever flown Singapore Business Class on the 777 but the moment I stepped on board I realized how big the seat was. Keep in mind the cabin was empty, only 14/48 people so I was able to book a bulkhead seat, still unreal. I highly recommend selecting a bulkhead seat if you can as I felt like I could spread out (man-spread literally) for an eternity.

The Mimosa

While I opted not to eat on board, since I hate breakfasts on planes (first class or economy) I did decide to have a couple of mimosas since well why not, it's Christmas Eve. The mimosas were made with freshly squeezed orange juice which made a difference in the taste, sublime!

The Service

You will read all about this once I can post the full review but I have to say the service was outstanding. Having just flown First Class in Singapore on both products yesterday I might argue the service on the business-class flight of the leg was perhaps better. That is not to say the other flights were bad because they weren't, they were also incredible. In business class, I was addressed by name which is a nice touch. My airpod dropped in the seat and they spent most of the flight looking for it, about 4 of the staff. They called the mechanics later but were still unable to find it. A+ for effort I will say.

The Flight Was Empty

For a Boeing 77W, there were only 2 people in First Class, 12 in Business Class, and 68 in economy. Apparently, this is not the usual but it did make for a private and enjoyable flight. If you haven't gathered by now I enjoy flying when the cabin isn't full since the service seems more personalized and every aspect seems more private.

I have to say what an outstanding flight onboard Singapore Business Class for the first time. Stay tuned for the full review!



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