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  • Konrad Tillman

The Ultimate Debate. Does Going To A Country Count If You Don't Leave The Airport?

This is a fascinating debate and has been brought up in the travel community worldwide for an extended period. While I have heard compelling arguments go both ways I will share my thoughts.

In my opinion, if you are subject to the laws of a nation you have been there. This would work even if you are just in transit. Hypothetically if you are carrying something legal in the USA but flew into Finland where that something is now illegal you would be subject to arrest, which in turn means you are subject to their laws. The same applies for example back in COVID-19, even during transit you would be subject to that country's laws, not your home country.

Another thing to add to this debate is physically you are stepping on Finnish land with your two feet. It's not as if the airport isn't owned by the country because it is. You are breathing in their oxygen.

Do I think you should go out and explore a country while you are there? Yes but in my opinion it still counts as visiting a country even during transit.


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