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  • Konrad Tillman

Starbucks Antigua: The Nicest One In The World?

I hate to admit it but go to Starbucks a lot, probably 1-2 times a day. I've had the privilege of going to the Starbucks in Kintamani in Bali which has the most unbelievable view. However, when I arrived in Antigua and entered this Starbucks, my mind was blown.


The Starbucks in Antigua is located to the south of the iconic arch. If you look from outside of the Starbucks you will see the most gorgeous views, of a volcano in the background.

On this corner lies the entrance to a Starbucks lovers paradise

Once you enter there will be a menu and a line where a staff will take your order. Don't worry if you don't speak Spanish, as I found at most places in Antigua, most of the staff speak enough English to get by.


If you have some time to kill once you arrive or time to kill before your flight, this place is perfect. There is an overwhelming amount of seating indoors and outdoors. There are sectioned-off rooms with couches and tables to other rooms with just chairs and charging ports. Along with those sectioned-off rooms, this Starbucks entailed outdoor seating like I had never seen before.

Before you ask... this is really the seating for Starbucks here. I spent a few hours lounging on those red sofas which were extremely comfortable. I could have spent all day.

I saw families lounging around as well as friends and family throughout my time there.

And of course one of the biggest sellers of Starbucks, free wifi!

Final Thoughts

Whether you are in town to explore the volcanoes or head to Hobbitenango, this Starbucks is a perfect place to visit and grab a coffee. It truly is a decorative place featuring some gorgeous designs. With free wifi and comfortable seating, it is a perfect place to kill some time if you have to check out of your hotel early.



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