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How To Get From Guatemala City Airport To Antigua

After a decent flight onboard the Delta 757-200 in economy (, I had to find my way from Guatemala Aurora airport to Antigua. There are plenty of options that I will go over below, but for me, the hostel arranged transport.

Option 1: Chicken Bus

Unless you speak Spanish, I would not recommend going with this option due to the stories that you hear occurring on the chicken buses. While I didn't get the chance to ride on, they were driving extremely fast when I spotted them. They are beautiful though ❤️. I have read that the cost is around 1-2$ but excuse me if I am wrong.

So beautiful

Option 2: Shared Transport

Originally, this is what I planned to take from the airport to Antigua. However, seeing that a car arranged from the hotel wasn't that much more expensive and it was my first time in the country, I decided against it. The shuttles that I looked at were priced out at around 20$ per person. Better value than a taxi yes, but if you are three people another option might come out cheaper.

Option 3: Uber

I was a little skeptical when it came to Uber as in some countries it can be a hassle to find one at the airport (looking at you Cairo). However, when I checked my app upon landing prices showed one-way to Antigua at about 380 in the local currency (just shy of 50$).

Option 4: Arranged Private Transport

In my opinion, if you are traveling with someone else this is the best option. A shared bus would come out to 40$ for 2, while a private car came out to 50$ USD for me. I was greeted straight out of the terminal where there was a sign that said "Konrad Tillman" on it. The driver was friendly but I only spoke Spanish.

He was a safe driver as well!

At this hour I heard that traffic could be bad. However, door to door, it took less than 70 minutes.

Just drivers being drivers down here

After about 50 minutes Antigua came into sight.


But first, we had to pass through some windy roads. If you get carsick, my advice would be to bring some motion sickness pills, especially if going through the backcountry.

Just like the Cotswolds🤥

Once we arrived in Antigua the roads were even worse! I personally love the medieval-looking roads but it can be rocky in a Tuk-Tuk 😂.

European vibes

We passed by this chapel-looking structure which would give off a nice ambiance to the town.

And a few minutes later arrived at Starbucks! Talk about the view after you get your coffee!! Surreal! I will have a separate post covering the Starbucks in Antigua, as it might even beat the Starbucks in Kintamani. For those who know me, that's saying a lot!

An unbelievable view

While technically this is the most expensive option, I felt that the value was worth the money. If you have been before I am sure shared transport is a great option, but if you're like me it might be better to pay for a private car if the funds allow it.

Final Thoughts

After getting off a brutal redeye where I slept about 3.5 hours, I was easily able to locate the driver that took me to Antigua. While the option of a private car was more expensive, it saved me having to try and locate the shuttles to take me to Antigua. If you are traveling with someone else I recommend either getting a car ahead of time or calling an Uber at the airport as it comes out to about 8-10$ more.



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